SPOILERS Picture of Elrond in September Issue of Empire – Dates on Next Trailer Revealed as Well

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“Do you hear that Frodo… That is the sound of inevitability”
I got the following from www.TLOTR.com. Great image and some good info as well. The following page appears in the September issue of Empire Magazine.

After the hullabaloo of Cannes, it’s a case of eyes down to the Fellowship Of The Ring ready for December 19. New Line Studio head Bob Shayne reportedly paid NZ$5,000 to schools near Wellington which had to put up with the excessive noise of his Gulf Jet as he landed to see a rough print of the first movie. Executive producers Mark Ordesky said “He was thrilled with what he saw. It was a very positive visit… He was pleased, artistically and commercially.” The next revelation for the rest of us, however, won’t be until September, when a new trailer is released, apparently in two thematic variations.

Meanwhile, the good vibrations surrounding the film have been further bolstered by the excellent second trailer. Boasting Sir Ian McKellen‘s foreboding voice-over telling of the power of the ring, and a furious whirl through the vivid action, it oozes with menace. But what has really got the fan’s juices flowing is a brief vocal snippet from pivotal meanie Gollum, whose sinister hiss, “My preciousssss…” is sure to become the film’s soundbite of choice.

There remains only one shadow on the horizon — the chance that Harry Potter may just steal all the fantasy thunder before FOTR gets a lock in. Posted with the question in Cannes, Jackson nevertheless remained pragmatic. “Harry Potter opens at least a month before we do; I hope it’s a great movie. I just think that if people love Harry Potter and they get into wizards and magic then hopefully they can move on into Tolkien.” Well said, that man.


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