SPOILERS InQuest Magazine’s Look at the Footage – More thoughts on the Footage.

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Cirdan from Herr der Ringe provides the following excerpt from InQuest Magazine.

“InQuest braved the streets of Manhatten for a sneak peek at the “Fellowship of the Ring” courtesy of New Line Cinema. The footage was flat-out awesome!! Here are some highlights from our favorite part, the Mines of Moria:

-In Balin’s Tomb, a huge 15-foot tall cave troll attacks the company. It smashes a man-sized mallet down on at one of the hobbits, who just manages to roll out of the way. Leaving the mallet behind, the troll swings a chain dangling about its body and strafes the stone columns near Legolas. But the chain gets stuck. Seizing the oppertunity, the elf runs across the chain to reach the troll’s back and fires a clean shot down through its head – which just makes it madder.

-On the run, the company crosses a great chamber, hundreds of feet wide. Thousands of orcs chase after them, waves of bodies closing in on all sides. Orc squadrons scurry down the chamber’s immense pillars like sick-looking spiders.

-The company must cross the crumbling bridge of Khazad-dum. At one point, Gimli falls backwards into the Abyss, only to be saved by Legolas who grabs Gimli by the beard!!!!

-Gandalf squares off against the Balrog. The immense, demon-like creature rises out of the flames. Its face – fiery eyes, coal-black skin, pincer-like horns – glares at the wizard, before Gandalf detonates the first spell.


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