Special on Middle Earth Toys – Deals for Members

by Jan 2, 2000Games

The Toy Vault is offering specials to Toy Club Members on the Middle Earth Action Figures.

This offer applies to all toy club members who love to open their figures and play with them! Over the past several months, Toy Vault has accumulated several damage-carded figures. The figures themselves are in mint condition and include all of their accessories. The cards however, are bent, torn, or just not in good overall shape. The figures listed below are what we have in very limited quantities.

Earth Balrog $ 7.00
Forest Balrog $ 7.00
Shadow Balrog $ 8.00
Frodo the Hobbit $ 5.00
Gandalf in Fangorn $ 8.00
Gandalf in Hobbiton $ 7.00
Gandalf the White $10.00
Gandalf the Wizard $ 5.00
Gimli in Battle $ 7.00
Ugluk the Orc $ 5.00

For all you making movies or just wanting to play with a toy head on over and join the Toy Club and get these guys at reduced prices.


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