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by Nov 21, 2001Games

Long before there was Harry Potter, there was The Lord of the Rings, first published in 1954. What the two book series have in common — besides wizards, of course — are die-hard book fans who don’t want their favorite literary treasures tainted by a commercial Hollywood movie. Director Peter Jackson, a longtime fan of Rings himself, promises devotees a movie with as much “depth” and “quality” as Tolkien’s novel.

Set in Middle-earth, a fantastical place and time, The Fellowship of the Ring centers on the battle between Frodo (played by Elijah Wood), a hobbit who inherits a magical ring from his uncle, and Dark Lord Sauron (played by Sala Baker), who could enslave all the people of Middle-earth if he takes possession of the ring. To prevent Sauron from getting the ring, Frodo enlists the help of a variety of creatures, including wizards, dwarves, and elves. Will he keep the ring out of the hands of the Dark Lord? Therein hangs the tale.

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