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Mines of Moria Hits Stores Today!

The eagerly awaited Mines of Moria Expansion for Decipher‘s The Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game debuts in stores today with the worldwide release of Starter Decks!

Boosters will go on sale on Wednesday, March 13th.

The 122-card Mines of Moria set includes the never-before-seen rare Balrog card, Twilight Ringwraiths, and new “artifact” cards, such as Gandalf’s Staff, Mithril-coat, and the Balrog’s Sword. There are two starter decks in the set ) one featuring Gimli and the forces of Sauron and the other showcasing a new Gandalf and the goblins of Moria.

“The Balrog, Twilight Ringwraiths, and the Watcher in the Water have been added to the game to make the Adventure Path even more treacherous for the fellowship,” says Mike Reynolds, Decipher TCG designer.

Mines of Moria contains cards for every culture, with an emphasis on Moria, Shire, Ringwraith, and Dwarven cards. There are also new versions of some Free Peoples companions, including Frodo, Sam, Gandalf, and Gimli. The set also contains a complete parallel foil set.

Mines of Moria starter decks contain nine site cards, three random Mines of Moria rares, Frodo, The One Ring, and a mix of cards from The Fellowship of the Ring and from Mines of Moria. It is also available in 11-card booster packs. Recommended retail for the starter decks is $10.95 and for the booster packs is $3.29.


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