NewsWire: Two Towers Takes Visual Effects Society Awards by Storm – Reuters

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Visual Effects Society recognises TT
By David Bloom
Reuters – February 21, 200

“The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers” towered over the competition Wednesday night to win eight of the nine Visual Effects Society awards for which the movie was nominated.

The award program was the first for the 6-year-old organization, which comprises about 800 f/x specialists worldwide. Four panels of VES members slogged through dozens of entries in movies, TV, music videos and commercials in January to pick nominees in 20 categories. Then, roughly 100 members spent the first weekend in February watching demo reels from 56 nominees across all the categories.

The resulting selections were an overwhelming endorsement of the work by New Zealand-based house Weta[/l] on “The Two Towers.” Its only loss in nine categories was matte painting in a motion picture, nabbed by Industrial Light & Magic for “Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones.”

“Towers” rung up wins for special effects, effects art direction, visual effects photography, models and miniatures, performance by an actor in an effects film, character animation in a live-action motion picture, compositing and visual effects in an effects-driven motion picture. In most cases, it beat out Industrial Light & Magic.

“I’m blown away,” said “Towers” f/x producer Dean Wright, who traveled with effects supervisor Jim Rygiel and models and miniatures specialist Paul Van Ommen from New Zealand to attend the event.

Rygiel, who won an Oscar for the first “Rings” movie and is nominated for the second, said he was stunned when he and others at Weta, which created most of the film’s f/x, had been notified of its nominations.

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