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26 January 2002

One of Wellington’s best-known stage actors will finally get to see himself speak a few lines in The Fellowship Of The Ring – but not till November.

Ray Henwood, who stars in the New Zealand Festival 2002 play Copenhagen next month, will speak his line in a special DVD edition of Peter Jackson’s blockbuster.

The special edition, due for release in November, will include an extra 30 minutes of footage not seen in the three-hour big screen version.

Henwood plays a man from Lake-town, one of several men in the scene at Rivendell where everyone argues about what to do with the ring. Most of the men, including Henwood, don’t have any lines in the movie.

“In the DVD I actually get the lines back. I had a couple of lines when they are discussing the ring and the power of ring,” he said.

Henwood said he got a letter telling him his lines would be in the DVD. He wasn’t surprised they were cut from the big screen version. “One expects, in terms of films, exactly what finishes up in the film is between the technicians and the director. It’s a very technical medium.”

But Henwood, who has yet to see the film, was surprised that several people has spotted him in it.

“Somebody here at the (Circa) theatre who’d seen it said: ‘I saw you in it.’ I thought: ‘God, they must have been looking very sharply.’ “

Peter Jackson told The Evening Post this week the special edition – “I don’t really want to call it the director’s cut” – would follow the release of a DVD and video version in August. These will be the same length as the cinema version.

The extra footage wouldn’t mean more blood and gore as some Lord Of The Rings fans had speculated.

“It’s all drama. There is this thing on the Net about all this gory stuff I was supposed to have shot, but I didn’t. We were going for a (censor’s rating) of PG13 and you can’t waste time shooting stuff that you know is going to get cut,” he said. “It will tee everybody up before the release of The Two Towers (in December).”

The special edition DVD is also likely to include the first part of a documentary by Wellington film maker Costa Botes on the making of the $650 million project.


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