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‘Lord Of The Rings II’ Tops in Mistakes
March 18, 2003

By this time next week, you’ll know who won the Academy Awards.

But one winner already is the “Lord of the Rings” sequel — in the blooper category.

The movie has over 150 mistakes in it.

Among the mistakes, freshly applied lipstick in scene after scene — and one character first sitting on a barrel, then on a cloak.

Other movies aren’t exempt from mistakes, either.

Near the end of “Gangs of New York,” there’s a shot of the Brooklyn Bridge. But the bridge didn’t open until 1883, 20 years after the story took place.

And years before the bikini was devised, one woman was shown with a tan line.

In “Chicago,” Richard Gere throws off his hat in his first number — but his hat is back on moments later.

And then there’s “The Hours.” Meryl Streep’s necklace disappears then reappears when she first visits Richard.

And when Laura picks up her son at the babysitter, it looks like he’s sitting in the back seat.

But he’s up front when the car pulls away.

In the middle of the film when Mr.Woolf enters the house, he takes his boots off. But they are still on moments later when he runs out the door.


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