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by May 24, 2002Games

Thanks to Brian for the email alerting me to this!

Lights Out Entertainment – May 24, 2002

Yesterday, the most amazing thing happened. My wife picked up the mail and walked over to me, a package in her hands. “There’s something here for you,” she said. I really wasn’t expecting anything, but when I looked at the package, my heart started racing. I didn’t know why, but I knew it was something special. Like a child who’s overanxious on Christmas morning, I snatched it from her hands. My heart was pounding faster and faster as I tore through the packaging. When I opened it, my breath caught in my throat and my eyes bulged. “What is it?” she asked. I tried to speak, but no words would come out. Dumbly, I extended a trembling hand, showing her what it was. “Cool,” she said, then turned and went about her business. Cool? This wasn’t cool… this was the DVD of Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring. This was freakin’ amazing! This disc isn’t released until August, yet I was holding it in my hand. I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t believe it…

…The menus are GORGEOUS. All of the images look slightly grainy, like the weathered, yellowing pages of some ancient book. And the menu selections are arranged in a circle, as if they were inscribed on a RING…

Click the link below to read the entire review (along with some screenshots from the DVD itself)!


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