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Thanks to Ulairi for pointing this one out. I wish I could have attended the event. As a paper and pencil RPGer I am really looking forward to seeing these products.

Middle Earth At Gencon
Decipher Games showed off their Lord of the Ring products at this years Gencon. They are currently producing a Trading Card Game based off the upcoming movies, a Role-Playing Game which is based off the books and the movies, and if that’s not enough an adventure game that is based of the movies! They’ve bitten off a lot, and I think they are going to come through and make Middle Earth Fanboys very happy people.

The Press Conference
Friday August 3, 2001; Decipher had a “sneak peak” of their upcoming games. I was lucky enough to get in and check it out. They started it off with a little history of the company, and that the Lord of the Rings Franchise will take Decipher into the forefront of gaming. After all that they got to the important part, the games! The TCG is coming out on November 6, 2001 along with the Adventure Game, and the Role-Playing Game will come out February 2002. Decipher has the licenses for six years, with an option for five more years. They had three members of each design team on hand for a Q&A. Close to the end of the conference they had a little contest. Sauron left 9 magic rings for us mortal men under our chairs, and anyone who had one became a “Decipher Lord of the Rings Customer for Life.” Basically, the winners get one of every product that Decipher produces for Lord of the Rings…not a bad prize! At the end of the conference they showed off the new trailer on a big screen, and the movie looks very cool!

The Trading Card Game
The Trading Card Game will be released on November 6, 2001 in the United States, and Canada; with other countries releases coming soon after. The first set will be “The Fellowship of the Ring” and contain around 340 cards; with expansions coming out every quarter. The game will be sold in Starter Decks, Advanced Starter Deck, and Expansion Packs.

Starter Decks will contain a rule booklet, and 50 game cards. This will be the bare minimum on what it takes to play the game. They will also release a more Advanced Starter Deck, which will have game tokens, and a play mat.

Expansion packs will contain 11 cards with the rarity as 1 rare, 3 uncommon, and 7 commons. Expansion Packs will also have ultra-rare Foil Cards, which will take the place of an uncommon card. They will retail for $3.29

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