Lord of the Rings Game for PSP Confirmed

by Jul 18, 2005Games

From GamesRadar.com:

“The quest, the trilogy and the marketing hype may finally be over but JRR just keeps on Tolkien with the announcement of PSP title Lord of the Rings Tactics.

We’ve managed to get our hands on the Sony-only handheld game already and found that with its legions of battles it felt much like Square’s Final Fantasy Tactics, but with a WiFi multiplayer element.

It also offers you the chance to play on the side of good, with the friendly Fellowship, or to edge towards the dark side and take command of Sauron’s orc and troll troops.

And just to even things up, EA has added a brand new ending to allow the forces of evil to finally triumph over the puny humans.

Lord of the Rings Tactics will appear on PSP towards the end of the year.”

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