Lord of the Rings Board Game almost here! – Just in time for Holiday shopping!

by Nov 30, 2000Games

The 5 boards of the board game.
Fans of games based upon the Lord of the Rings won’t be waiting much longer to get their hands on the highly-anticipated English translation of the Knizia board game. A telepone call to the Wizards of the Coast customer service line on Wednesday, November 29 revealed that WotC and Gamekeeper stores will carry this Hasbro product in the US, at a retail price of $29.99. A subsequent call to a WotC store in my area established that the LOTR Board Game is showing up on their computerized inventory system, although the amount available was shown to be zero at that time. I was told that this meant that the product had not yet arrived at the store’s warehouse, but should arrive shortly.

The WotC customer service representative also indicated that other stores with a WotC supplier would be able to order the product, although he also said that the LOTR Board Game would be available in “limited quantity” in the US.

Certain on-line retaliers, like Funagain Games, already have the English-translated version available with a 24-hour turn around time for shipping it to purchasers. The price at Funagain Games is $31.95, plus an additional $6.50 to $33.45 dependent upon the shipping option within the US that is selected. The Funagain Games page dedicated to the LOTR Board game can be found at:



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