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“Harry Potter isn’t the only wizard jumping from page too screen this year; he’s just the youngest. J.R.R. Tolkien’s Gandalf is making the same leap. And though the first installments of J.K. Rowling’s Potter series and Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy are the most-hyped upcoming movies that started out as books, there are more on the way.”

So begins an article in the latest edition of Book magazine. But since this site is dedicated to Tolkien, we’ll concentrate only on what they had to say about Lord of the Rings.

The Lowdown. Supremely confident, Jackson has already shot his film and two sequels based on Tolkien’s series. With a $270 million budget for all three films, expectations may be unrealistically high – given that the 1978 Ralph Bakshi animated feature wasn’t exactly a major success. That said, Jackson (The Frighteners, Heavenly Creatures) is a fairly creative director. He has just about as good a chance as anybody at realizing Tolkien’s fantastical version of Middle Earth, where young Frodo Baggins is entrusted with the responsibility of destroying the Ring of the Dark Lord and foiling the Dark Lord’s plans to achieve ultimate power.

The Bright Side. It’s got a nine-figure budget.

The Low Side. It’s got a nine-figure budget.


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