First Pics of Lord of the Rings Battlegame – Games Workshop

by Apr 2, 2001Games

Cirdan at Der Herr der Ringe alerted us to the news that Games Workshop has put up new images of the model pieces for their upcoming Lord of the Rings Battlegame. Here’s an excerpt from the article on the site:

Concealed by mighty spells of secrecy and hidden from the sight of mortals Games Workshop’s Rick Priestley has spent the best part of a year working on the Lord of the Rings battlegame. The game and associated model ranges will be going into production shortly and will be ready in time for the release of the first of The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy The Fellowship of the Ring

As with Games Workshop’s premier Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 games, the latest offering features armies of model warriors, each about an inch high, destined to battle for supremacy over kitchen tables throughout the land. The model design accurately reproduces the appearance of the characters in the movie from the ragged Orcs to the resplendent Elves with their intricately detailed wargear. Even the tiniest models of Frodo and Sam bear an uncanny likeness to their screen counterparts.

Click the link below to view the images and read the full news.


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