Fellowship of The Ring movie mistakes – FOTR Mistakes in Chronological Order

by Oct 15, 2002Games

In the Prologue, right after King Elendil, Isildur’s father is struck by Sauron and killed, you see him land next to the cliff and a close-up shows that Elendil’s helmet is still firmly on his head, although it is damaged. In the next shot of Isildur running up and holding his father’s head, the helmet is nowhere to be seen. Isildur did not remove it, because it is not on Elendil’s head when Isildur runs up and crouches next to him.

When Frodo is first seen, he is reading a book. When he gets on Gandalf’s cart, he no longer has the book. Did he just leave it in the woods?

When Gandalf arrives in Hobbiton, you can see a long silver scarf (as described in the book) dangling from a post on his cart – next to the driver’s bench. In the first shot it is on the right hand side of his cart In the VERY next shot, the scarf has moved to the left hand side of the cart, nearer to Gandalf.

In the beginning, Gandalf’s pipe keeps mysteriously vanishing from each scene, when he is guiding the cart with Frodo.

When Gandalf arrives in Hobbiton, some children start chasing the cart yelling for fireworks. At this point we can see a Hobbit couple watching the children run past. The female Hobbit places her hand on her hip, and then in a close-up she puts her hand on her hip again.

In one shot of Gandalf’s first appearance at Bilbo’s front door, he is wearing light-brownish hiking shoes under his robes, and when he walks in, he’s got his normal grey ones on.

In the scene that Gandalf knocks on Bag End and Bilbo comes to the door, Gandalf raises his arms and says “Bilbo Baggins”. In the very next split second scene his arms are at his side.

At the beginning of the film, when Gandalf first knocks on Bag End, Bilbo runs out and hugs Gandalf, with both arms around Gandalf’s neck, when we see the shot from Bilbo’s perspective, his arms are in a different position, (maybe the child actor replaced for height differences) and then, the next shot is with Bilbo returning with his arms around Gandalf’s neck.

Just after Gandalf enters the Bag End for the first time he looks the map of the Middle-earth on the table. In first shot when he is grabbing the map, you can see that there are two scrolls and a flat empty paper stacked on the map. In next shot, there is only one scroll and a paper with some kind of pattern on it.

When Gandalf first visits Bilbo in Bag End they sit at a long table that is positioned lengthways from the camera. Bilbo potters about at the far end of the table and Gandalf goes to the left at the end closest to the camera. As he sits down the near half of the table wobbles but the far half does not. This seems to expose the fact that the table is actually in two parts, a small sized piece of table close to the camera next to which Gandalf looks large, and a normal sized piece of table a bit further away that looks the right size for Bilbo. The two pieces are filmed from such a perspective that they look like they join together in one long table and the fact that there is really a gap between them so that Bilbo is further away than it seems, makes him seem small compared to Gandalf. There is a round of cheese and various pieces of crockery on the near piece of table to disguise the gap.

At Bilbo’s party, when Merry and Pippin set off the dragon firework, they are shown inside a small tent. The tent has dishes and other things in it, and is quite full. When the firework launches, taking the tent with it, you can see that all of the things inside the tent (with the exception of Merry and Pippin) have disappeared.

After Bilbo turns himself invisible, we see a view from on top of the hill of Bilbo going back to his house. At this point, we can see down below at the party, and everyone is running towards where Bilbo was before he turned invisible. That had to have only been a few seconds after Bilbo disappeared. Magic Ring or no magic Ring, there’s no way anyone, never mind a Hobbit, could have run up the hill in that time.

When Bilbo flees from the party, turned invisible by the Ring, as he opens the door to Bag End we see out through the door and the camera shoots off against a black drape. In subsequent shots through the door at night moonlight scenery has been added.

After Bilbo disappears from his birthday party and then re-appears inside his front door, there’s a scarf tied around his neck. He still has the scarf on as he picks up a walking stick in the next shot. Then, a split second later, the scarf is gone.

After becoming invisible at his birthday party, Bilbo enters Bag End through the front door. He appears in the front entryway of Bag End. He turns left, gathers a walking stick and candles, and walks into the main room, where Gandalf AND the fireplace (with mantle and photos) are on his LEFT. Later in the same scene, and in others shot in Bag End, the fireplace wall would appear to one’s RIGHT as they entered that room from the front doorway.

After Bilbo returns from the party invisible and finds Gandalf by the fireplace, look at Gandalf as Bilbo walks between him and the fire. There is no shadow cast on him when there clearly should be. Also as the camera pans round following Bilbo’s movements, you can see Gandalf is casting a shadow on the floor but not on the table, but when Bilbo walks up to it he does, even though Gandalf is between him and the fire light.

A pictorials cameo: The two portraits in oval frames hanging above the fireplace in Bag End are of Peter Jackson and Phillipa Boyens.

In the scene where the now invisible Bilbo returns to Bag End he chats with Gandalf then leaves dropping the Ring on the floor near the door. As Gandalf goes to pick it up the Ring is on a tile with a crack in it and the Ring is about 3″ from the crack. In the next shot from side on, the Ring is almost touching the crack.

After Bilbo leaves the birthday party and is leaving Bag End, he shakes Gandalf’s hand. Their hands are the same size i.e. two humans shaking hands. Shouldn’t they be quite different in size or do Hobbits just have HUGE hands for their size?

As Bilbo leaves the Shire, he drops the Ring just inside the door. The Ring is seen on the floor over Bilbo’s shoulder after he walks outside. You can see Gandalf step over the Ring and through the doorway without touching the door. The door is FULLY opened, and the Ring is in the light. Why then is Gandalf opening the door and a shadow cast over the Ring as he goes back inside to examine it?

When Gandalf is leaving Bag End in a hurry, right after Frodo has received the Ring; he clearly bends down and passes below the light fixture in the main entrance hall without touching it. When he turns around to answer Frodo’s question, the light fixture is swinging back and forth as if he bumped it.

During the scene when Gandalf is reading about the Ring there are candles burning to the left of him. When he starts reading the first page the candles are barely melted, but by the time he has finished that one page, they are almost burned out.

When Gandalf takes the Ring out of the fire, the position of the clamp around the Ring changes between shots.

When Frodo is talking with Gandalf while sitting at the table in Bag End, he is pouring tea into a teapot in one shot, then Gandalf talks for about 3 seconds, and in the next shot Frodo has a cup of tea to his lips.

When Frodo and Gandalf are discussing the fate of the Ring in Bilbo’s house, the Ring is on the table in front of them. When the camera goes to close ups of the Ring it is sometimes to the left of the table and sometimes to the right. Looks like a simple camera reversal.

In one scene we see a man cutting wood. A close up shows him putting a piece of wood on the stump, but when we pan out to see the dog barking, the piece of wood is gone.

When the Dark Rider asks the Hobbit for the way to Hobbiton, the Hobbit’s shadow and the Rider’s shadow come from different directions.

When Gandalf pulls Sam in through the window at Bag End and throws him on the desk to ask him questions, several items fall off of the desk. The scene switches back and forth between Sam and Gandalf’s perspectives several times. When Sam is shown, sometimes there is a wooden box or book on the floor to the left side of Sam’s head and sometimes there is nothing on the floor.

There are no mountains near the Shire – Frodo and Bilbo both speak wistfully of seeing them – yet after Gandalf rides off and before they even run into Merry and Pippin, there are mountains in the background of the scene.

Most of the time the Hobbits are barefoot, but when Frodo and Sam are first walking through the fields, Frodo’s leg come above long-grass level and his shoe is clearly visible.

When Gandalf is talking to Saruman in the tower at Isengard, the sunlight is streaming through the window behind Saruman. When the shot switches to Gandalf, who is opposite Saruman (and facing him), the sunlight is streaming in through the window behind him as well.

When Gandalf and Saruman are talking in Orthanc, we can see a black strap around Gandalf’s fingers on the hand holding his staff. In some shots it’s around different fingers, in others it’s disappeared completely.

As Saruman reveals the Palantir to Gandalf, he lifts the cloth while speaking the line “Why should we fear to use it?” As he finishes the line, his mouth is still moving.

When Saruman and Gandalf are fighting in Isengard (Orthanc), Saruman is pushed to the wall. When he “crashes” to the wall, you can see the black, short hair of the stuntman losing the white hair of Saruman.

When Sam tells Frodo that if he takes another step, he will be farther away from home than ever before, he stands next to a scarecrow. In the next scene, we see both Sam and Frodo, and Sam has passed the scarecrow by several metres. Another zoom at Sam, and he stands by the Scarecrow again.

In the scene where Sam and Frodo are in the field with the scarecrow, you can plainly see a car cruising past in the distance, from right to left. This holds the dubious distinction of being the first urban myth (of sorts) spawned by this site – some people swear blind there’s a car there, others insist there’s nothing at all. All I can say is watch it and make up your own mind. If there is a car, they’ll delete it for the DVD release, so get in there quickly! Further comment – there are two different shots, which show the car moving from right to left. One starts at the top right distance, and in a shot a few seconds later the car has travelled down the road a bit and is more easily visible. Complicating matters is that the dust thrown up by the car looks similar to smoke from a chimney in the right distance, making some people think it is just the chimney. But chimneys don’t move, and the smoke from the chimney is separate from the moving vehicle.

When the Hobbits first start to run away from Farmer Maggot, they are running through the corn, which is clearly much taller than them. Two seconds later, when the camera angle changes to the wide view (you can see all four Hobbits running through the corn), their heads are even with, if not slightly above the corn.

After the Hobbits take the tumble from farmer Maggot’s field, they land in a heap with twigs in their hair. Frodo stands on the road and looks down it. He says, “I think we should get off the road” and the twigs are there. He looks back down the road and the smoke and leaves come swirling at him, he yells, “Get off the road” – no twigs. They hide from the Ringwraith, and then make their escape. Merry says, “What was that?”, and they have the twigs in their hair again.

When the Hobbits are hiding under the tree trunk from the Ringwraith in the beginning, you can see space to the left and right of the tree above them. Logically when the Ringwraith walks past the tree you would see it on the right side of the tree first, then on the left, but you don’t – it looks like it walks out of the tree instead of behind it.

During most of the movie, Frodo’s fingernails are short and bitten down. Yet in the scene where the Black Rider appears after they have just been in Farmer Maggot’s field, and Frodo struggles to avoid putting the Ring on, you see a close up of his hands and the fingernails are normal.

When the Hobbits enter Bree through the gate, there is a distance shot from above, and the principal actors have clearly been replaced by their shorter doubles. Worse than that, however, is that their sizes are completely wrong. The last Hobbit through the gate is really fat – much fatter than any of the Hobbits really are. And he isn’t even supposed to be Sam, who is the stockiest of the Hobbits: when the view switches to a close-up of the principal actors from inside the gate, it’s actually Merry who’s last – and he certainly isn’t obese.

After the Hobbits go through the gate at Bree it is raining heavily, however there is no raindrop splashes in the puddles further up the road.

When the Hobbits enter Bree, right after the wheel of the carriage passes in front of them, there is a man you see to the right who burps. That is Peter Jackson making a cameo appearance.

About 45 minutes into the movie Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin enter Bree to meet up with Gandalf and there is an old geezer (I assume he is the gatekeeper) at the door/gate/entrance to the town. Some 10/15 minutes later, the 9 Ringwraiths suddenly appear and as we all know they break down the gate and presumably crush the gatekeeper in the process. If you look carefully, where the gatekeeper is supposed to be (underneath the door as it’s going down) there is no one there.

When the Hobbits are sitting at the table in the Prancing Pony in Bree, Merry comes back with a pint. Pippin leaves to get one too. Then we see Sam mention to Frodo that a man is looking at them, across the table sits Pippin and no Merry.

As Aragorn leads the Hobbits through the woods after leaving Bree, the pack on his back bumps the camera.

While at Weathertop, after Frodo puts out the fire, they hear a Ringwraith. When they are all standing Sam is holding a small pot with a cloth on the bottom to hold it with so he won’t burn himself, but his thumb is actually touching the pot and he doesn’t get burned.

During the scene where Frodo is stabbed by the Witch-King, it zooms up on him. If you look closely, you see that Elijah Wood‘s contact has slipped to the left side. A good way to solve the argument: Are Elijah Wood’s eyes really that blue? (His eye colour never changes despite the fact his contact is half on and half off).

At Weathertop, when the Black Rider stabs Frodo, the other Hobbits come over and kneel down beside him while Aragorn fights off the Black Riders. If you watch closely, the three Hobbits change sides (beside Frodo) throughout the scene. E.g. Pippin is on the left in one shot, then on the right in another.

During the chase of Arwen by the Ringwraiths, Arwen is injured on her cheek by a tree, but during the rest of the chase there is no blood mark on her cheek. We don’t see it again until she stops and challenges the Ringwraiths.

When Arwen enters the water after being chased by the Ringwraiths, as she turns the horse, you can clearly see the fake Hobbit (representing an injured Frodo), bounce up and down like a rubber band.

After Arwen has crossed the river at the Ford of Bruinen and is challenged by the Witch-King, she draws her sword and holds it high and ready to strike. Arwen then calls upon the waters of the river for assistance. When the rush of water with horses heads comes around the bend and into view there is a clear shot of Arwen’s back as she is watching the water come down on the Ringwraiths and she is not holding her sword up. Shortly after all the Ringwraiths are swept away, there is a scene of Arwen’s face and upper body and she is still holding the sword high and ready to strike.

When Frodo is laying on the floor after Arwen defeats the Ringwraiths, you can see a pimple under the right side of his mouth. The same pimple can be seen when the Fellowship approaches the Pillar of the Kings on the Emyn Muil; in the rest of the movie there is no pimple.

When Frodo is recovering in Rivendell from the Ringwraith dagger he is first seen lying in the bed with a chain necklace clearly visible (to which the Ring is attached) – in following scenes the necklace is sometimes there – sometimes not.

When Frodo awakes in the bed in Rivendell, Frodo’s shirt is open and the sheet low down on the bed in the first shot, and then his shirts closed and the sheet pulled substantially higher in the next shot.

At Isengard, Gandalf is on top of the tower, it starts to pour with rain. Cut to Saruman and orcs “the trees are strong, their roots…” etc. No rain at all. Cut back to Gandalf and wide aerial shot over Isengard, still pouring.

When Boromir cuts his finger on the broken sword, the blood is visible on his finger behind the sword before he gets cut, and as the sword is pulled away, his undamaged fingertip is visible through the blood.
When Arwen and Aragorn are talking on the bridge, you see Arwen’s lips moving while Aragorn is speaking.

When the Fellowship meets in Rivendell, and the Dwarf tries to break the Ring with his axe, the axe breaks into many pieces on the platform upon which the Ring is laid. At first, the pieces are there in the close-up view. When the camera pans back for a long-range view of the Fellowship, the pieces of the axe on the platform are gone. In the following close-up, the pieces magically re-appear.

At the council of Elrond, when the fight breaks out between the Dwarves and Elves, we see a close-up of the Ring showing a reflection of the scene. The mirrored scene should appear back-to-front, but it doesn’t.

At the secret meeting scene at Rivendell, when Pippin and Merry appear to join the Fellowship, Elrond’s head movement is not in-sync with the path that the two Hobbits take when they run towards Frodo and Sam.

Think about this for a minute. We can tell that Bilbo’s party is Spring/summer (accepting that some things may have changed from the book, just checking the weather). We also know that Frodo WAKES UP in Rivendell on October 24 (Gandalf says so). And with all the hurrying everyone is doing, and considering the Ringwraiths are already leaving when Gandalf is on his way to Gondor, there is no logical way it could be over a year. So in the film, Bilbo left the Ring on his birthday, and a few months later (say, 6), he ages so much because he does not have the Ring. Gollum, on the other hand, had the Ring for 500 years, and after more than fifty years of being separated from it, he does not age at all. The ratios don’t match up. 500:50, 50:1/2… Logically, Gollum should age a LOT since he was once very closely related to Hobbits. If you ask me, Tolkien was much more logical in claiming 17 years went by from when Bilbo left to when Frodo got there. The “few months” statement might be a bit off depending on how seasons work in Middle-Earth, but it’s definitely far less than 5 years, so there’s serious inconsistency there.

Before the passage of Carhadras, Boromir is fencing with Merry and Pippin. When they tackle him you can see Merry’s face and it’s obviously a dwarf stand-in for the actor.

Aragorn has a ring on his right index finger with a marquise shaped stone. When we first see it, as Boromir is teaching Merry and Pip to fight, it is whole. Next as Aragorn prepares to draw his sword on Boromir if he does not return the Ring to Frodo, it is broken. After the Fellowship is buried under snow, we see it again and it is whole. Finally we see it as Aragorn lets Frodo go, and it is broken again.

When the Fellowship first sets off they are on top of a mountain and the bird spies are approaching, Boromir says that it can’t be a cloud because it’s blowing against the wind, when quite clearly his hair is blowing in the same direction as the shape is moving.

When they are all walking up the snowy mountain the camera starts off with a larger view and then goes to a closer view of the people. In the larger view there are no footprints but in the smaller view there are.
When the Fellowship leaves Rivendell they have a pony (Bill). There is no sign of it as they trudge through the snow, but it is with them when they get to Moria and send it home.

When Frodo stops rolling down the snow covered hill, just before the shot of Boromir picking up the Ring, you can see the edge of the stockings that the actors wore to protect their feet since there were walking in real snow for that scene.

Not a mistake, but a neat thing to look for – When Frodo falls on the mountain, loses the Ring, and Boromir picks it up, Boromir talks about it, and acts like he’s about to take it for himself. If you watch the Ring, it jerks and twitches, but the chain it’s on doesn’t move. The Ring is moving by itself.

Frodo stumbles down the snowy mountain and loses the Ring. When Boromir brings him the Ring, you can see that Aragorn’s right hand is not on the sword-hilt. But just a second later, the camera shows Aragorn removing his right hand from the hilt.

When the Fellowship is outside Moria’s gates and Gandalf is trying to open it, you see Merry throwing a stone into the water and Pippin sits on the ground next to him. In a closer shot it is Pippin that stands up and tries throwing stones into the water. You can’t see Merry anywhere.

When Frodo is taken by the water creature outside the mine, he is not wearing his hairy Hobbit feet.

In the dwarf mine, when Gandalf sits outside the three doorways and talks to Frodo, Frodo’s close-ups are taken from reaction shots to Gandalf’s speech so that we see Gandalf’s beard moving as if he was talking, even though no sound is heard.

When Gimli falls onto his knees in front of Balin’s Tomb in Moria, in one shot he’s a few feet in front of it, in the next he is so close to it, that he could lay his head onto the tomb. In the following scene Gimli is further away again, so he should not have been able to reach it with his head.

In the scene where Gimli kneeling is at Balin’s Tomb (in the Mines of Moria), he is first shown kneeling right next to the slab. When the shot changes, he is suddenly a couple of feet back. Throughout this whole section, his position changes, depending on the shot used. In this same scene, his axe also changes positions. The blade faces forward, and then suddenly it is turned around backwards, again alternating depending on which shot was used.

When Boromir goes to the door of Balin’s Tomb in the mines you can see Aragorn in the background putting his torch on the ground, then when it switches to Aragorn and the others he puts the torch down again.

When the Fellowship is in the tomb of Balin in the mines of Moria, just before the orcs come to attack them Boromir opens the doors to look out and they open outwards. In the next scene they close the doors and try to block them with spears, but they block them from the inside. When the orcs came, they could have just opened the door and ducked, gone over, or destroyed the spears supposedly blocking the doors.

When Gimli jumps up on Balin’s tomb he crosses his axes in front of his face. The shot changes to his front and now he’s holding the axes straight up (so you can see his face), the shot switches back and the axes are crossed in front of him again.

In Balin’s tomb, when the Fellowship can hear the orcs coming, they block the door and prepare for battle. The thing is, there is a HUGE hole in the wall behind them (they even leave through this after the fight is over to get to the bridge). Why didn’t they run through there after blocking the door in the first place? I realise that we wouldn’t have a great battle scene, but it still would have saved a lot of hassle.

In Balin’s tomb (in Moria), just before the orcs break in and the fight begins, watch the Hobbits (behind Gandalf). In the front view (where you see their faces), they are huddled together in close proximity. When the shot changes to the rear view, you can only see two hobbits behind Gandalf because they are much more spaced out. When the camera comes back to the front view (they draw their swords), they are close together again.

In the Mines of Moria, when the cavetroll has barged in and started fighting with the Fellowship, the troll hits the tomb, causing Gimli to leap over to the side and fall on the floor. In this shot you can see Legolas fighting an orc up some stairs behind the troll, but just a second later, Legolas is seen firing two arrows UP at the troll, from the level where Gimli just was.

In Moria when Frodo is hiding around the column from the cave troll, Frodo slides back to where he thinks the cave troll isn’t, and breathes a sigh of relief. However, Merry and Pippin are directly to his right, looking at the spot where the cavetroll pops out of and surprises Frodo. Don’t you think they would have warned him?

After the battle with the cavetroll, Aragorn rushes over to injured Frodo and brushes past some big rocks which wobble, showing that they are clearly lightweight and not real.

When the Fellowship is in Moria, right before the Balrog comes, they are surrounded by orcs. They all have their swords drawn, and Frodo’s is not glowing blue even though they are surrounded by orcs. Some people have said they’re goblins, but given that Frodo’s sword was glowing during the first attack, it should be glowing later too.

When the Fellowship is running through the mines of Moria, after they have fought with the orcs and cavetroll, they run to reach the bridge of Khazad-dûm. Then the great number of orcs stops them again. When the Balrog arrives, they run further to Khazad-dûm; the filmmakers used the exact same shot for this scene as when the Fellowship was running from the orcs in the first place.

As Frodo runs from the orcs, his cape is clearly supported by a string to make it look flowing.

Look at the faces of Boromir, Legolas and Merry after they leave Moria and get outside. They have dirt on their faces in a particular pattern. Then they make their way to Lothlórien and get cleaned up. But in the final scene, the dirt returns in exactly the same places.

When Galadriel pours water from a pitcher into the fountain, three set lights can be seen reflected in the pitcher.

In Isengard, while Saruman is talking to the Uruk-Hai, there is a blue liquid running down the Uruk-Hai’s chin, and is dripping to the floor. Saruman then says “Whom do you serve?” the Uruk-Hai says “Saruman!” but in that shot the blue liquid is completely gone.

When the Fellowship are sailing down the river (through the two statues) the foot of the left statue looks as if it’s at the same level as the water. Then in the next scene (camera angle from above) the foot is not at water level. It appears to be on a high rock.

As the Fellowship approaches the Argonath, you can see in the long shot that the statues stand with the top half in sun and the bottom half in shadow. But as they move by in the close up of the foot, they are all in full sun.

Not a mistake but something cool to look for – right after the Fellowship has passed by the Argonath, the camera pans across the face of the statue on the right, Elendil, and in his right eye (on the left from our perspective) you can see Gollum sitting on Elendil’s lower eyelid peering down at the Fellowship.

Not only do the arms on the two large statutes at Amon Hen change, the statutes themselves switch places. When we first see them, the statute of the younger man has a winged helmet and is on the left and the older with the smooth helmet is on the right. In the shot once the boats have gone past, the winged helmet statute is on the right and the smooth helmet statute is on the left.

When they are in front of the Argonath, the statues raise their left arms. When they pass them and you can see them from behind, one statue has raises its left arm and the other its right arm.

After the Fellowship passed the statues of Argonath, the river ends by a huge waterfall. There’s a huge rock on the very tip of the waterfall, yet the reflection is not visible on the water; compare it with the Argonath statues which have its reflections on the water.

In the scene where the Fellowship have just arrived at Amon Hen, Sam sits down. He is in the background of the main shots and at one point he is deeply asleep, then suddenly he is halfway through cleaning his sword, then he’s deeply asleep again.

The logs that Boromir carries in his arms when he talks to Frodo at Amon Hen are different in pattern and number during the conversation and right before he throws them to the floor.

At Amon Hen when Frodo has the fight with Boromir, he puts the Ring on his finger, somehow it went from the chain he had it on to his finger without any problems. The next time he has the Ring is when he takes it off (no chain) and offers it to Aragorn (no chain) when he is down by the river, he has it on the chain in his hand…too much action going on with that chain.
When Aragorn is letting Frodo go to Mordor, in one shot it shows him facing the camera and you can see that Frodo is up to his shoulder. In the next shot, Frodo is only up to his waist, but Aragorn hasn’t moved.

At the battle on Amon Hen, Strider falls back and lets an Uruk-Hai fall into his sword. In the next shot you’ll see Strider drawing his sword from the Uruk between his arm and his chest (seen on the left side of the scene).

When Saruman is talking to him, Lurtz has bright green eyes. Later, when he is shouting, “Find the Halflings!” in the sunlight, he still has green eyes. When he is shooting Boromir in the sunlight the fourth time, however, he has brown eyes.

At the end of the film, when Boromir is racing up the hill to the rescue of Merry and Pippin, you simply see his dark clothing as he climbs. Then the camera cuts away, returning to a shot of Boromir still coming up the hill, only this time the horn of Gondor is suddenly evident, flip-flopping wildly with his every step.

Okay, I know Sam is rather large, but why the hell did it take him so long to RUN DOWN the hill to Frodo at the end? He was heading that way before the battle with the Uruk-Hai even began, and come at least ten to fifteen minutes later; he is still running down there.

When the Uruk-Hai strings his bow to shoot Boromir for the first time, the arrow he pulls back looks much different from the one he lets fly a few seconds later. The arrow he pulls back has a nice feather on it (looks striped, like a turkey feather). The feather he actually shoots Boromir with is tattered and black.

When the orc kills Boromir, he shoots him twice, and you can clearly see the hole/blood stain for the third arrow between first ones, and only then the third arrow appears.

At the scene where Gimli and Aragorn fends off the orcs, right after Boromir has died, Gimli’s beard changes from two to one plaits in a matter of seconds.

In the Amon Hen battle scene, at the start of the fight with Lurtz, Aragorn is slammed backwards against a tree knocking his sword out of his hand. There is then a shot of Lurtz throwing his shield at Aragorn, and in the following shot, where the shield pins Aragorn against the tree, his sword is still in his hand, only to fly out again on the shield’s impact.

As Boromir and Aragorn talk right before Boromir dies, you can see Boromir’s right hand gripping Aragorn’s left shoulder in the shot from behind Aragorn’s right shoulder, but when the camera view changes to Boromir’s perspective, looking up at Aragorn, his hand is not there. The scene goes back and forth between these two views several times.

When Sam tried to follow Frodo (at the very end) and started drowning in the Great River, Sam was all the way under water. Frodo saved him, and then when you see that they are both in the boat again, Sam is COMPLETELY dry. Only his head is dripping wet. Frodo also reached in to save him, and Frodo’s arm wasn’t wet, either.
In Boromir’s death scene, when Aragorn puts the sword into Boromir’s hand, Aragorn’s finger with the ring on is covered in blood. When we see his hands on Boromir’s chest a second later, the blood has vanished.

At the end, when Aragorn leans over to kiss Boromir’s forehead, watch Boromir. When Aragorn’s hair touches his face, Boromir closes his eyes tight.

Near the end when Frodo has tears running down his face. In the first shot the tear on his right side is short and the left side tear is down to his chin. in the next shot they are reversed. Some people have said it’s just that one tear lengthened and a new one started, but look at the right-hand one (the longer one in the first shot). If there was a new tear, we’d still see the damp path of the first one, but it’s rolling down a dry cheek.

When Frodo rescues Sam in the river near the end of the movie, he grabs his hand. After a moments pause Sam grabs Frodo’s hand in return. But when the two break through the surface, the two hands are turned the wrong way. There is no way that they could have gripped each other’s hands in that position.

At the end of the movie, when Frodo takes the boat to continue on his own. Sam runs into the water to follow Frodo as he promised Gandalf. When Sam is about half way to the boat, he goes under water because he cannot swim. He almost reaches the bottom of the flood, and does not swim up at any time. Suddenly, Frodo takes his hand and pulls him into the boat, but Frodo has not moved an inch and Sam did not swim to the surface.

When Frodo pulls Sam into the elvish boat after saving him from drowning, you can see Sam’s foot for a second, and you see he doesn’t have his Hobbit feet on. Sam pulls his foot under his cloak right away to hide it. Nevertheless, it is noticeable and a bit funny.

After Frodo leaves the Fellowship with Sam at the end of the movie. Aragorn and Legolas are talking to each other about what is to happen next. When the shot centres on Legolas alone you can clearly see he has modern arrows in his arrow shaft. They’re factory made wooden arrows with plastic tip ends to fit the string. The same thing can be seen with Aragorn in the next shot.

Right at the end, when Aragorn is telling Legolas and Gimli what they are going to do next, Legolas’ arrows change colour from bright yellow to bright green in two shots.

At the end of the movie, when they are standing at the river and Frodo has left with Sam, Aragorn is attaching some kind of arm brace. Then he puts his hand on Gimli’s shoulder and it’s gone, and back again.

In the credits, the word “Technical” is spelled “Technicial” in one instance (it’s on the right side, reasonably early on – it is used in the phrase “technicial continuity.”).


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