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by Aug 22, 2003Games

Great googly-moogly!  Here’s what Cinescape is reporting (and thanks to “gandalf1of9” for the pointer):

New Line Cinema is planning on releasing the extended versions of THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING and THE TWO TOWERS in theaters before the December 17 release of THE RETURN OF THE KING.

The plan is to release the first of Peter Jackson’s LORD OF THE RINGS films, FELLOWSHIP, on December 5. The following week after, on December 12 the extended edition of THE TWO TOWERS will come out. Then, as part of a special all-day long marathon, New Line wants theater owners to show the extended FELLOWSHIP and TOWERS films back-to-back on December 16 — to be followed by the first showing of THE RETURN OF THE KING at 11:00 PM that day. That’s well over nine hours of Tolkien movie to see in just one day!

Good news, isn’t it!  Variety reports that the films will be shown in 100-150 theatres, with FOTR running 208 minutes and TTT running 214 minutes (that would make these the extended editions released on DVD, but never shown in theatres!).


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