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Broadcast Crits Back Pre-Oscar Faves

by Joal Ryan
Dec 17, 2002, 12:35 PM PT

Are these titles starting to sound familiar? About Schmidt, Adaptation, The Hours.

Another day, another critics group out with its picks for the best movies of the year, another chance to watch trends.

The retiring comedy-drama About Schmidt, the inadaptable Adaptation, and the Virginia Woolf-inspired The Hours, all popular in the other pre-Oscar races, led the way Tuesday as the Broadcast Film Critics Association announced its nominations for the Critics’ Choice Awards.

The trio earned four nominations apiece, including their now near obligatory Best Picture nods.

Other top multiple nominees, with three nominations each, included: Catch Me If You Can, Chicago, Gangs of New York and The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

The broadcast critics are the among first to tout both Steven Spielberg’s Catch Me If You Can, a biopic about a teenaged scam artist, and the latest Lord of the Rings movie as Best Film fodder. (The American Film Institute got in the act Monday, naming The Two Towers as one of 2002’s best.)

Conversely, the critics group is the first to not fall over itself for Far from Heaven. To be sure, the 1950s-style melodrama secured two nods (the now very obligatory nominations for Best Picture and Lead Actress Julianne Moore), but the film didn’t dominate. On Monday, for instance, the New York critics all but coronated Far from Heaven, heaping five nominations on it.

Another surprise: Robin Williams, a creepy clerk in One Hour Photo, making the cut in the Best Actor race, going up against Gangs of New York’s Daniel Day-Lewis (the pick of the New York and Los Angeles critics associations) and About Schmidt’s Jack Nicholson (the choice of the L.A. reviewers, along with Day-Lewis).

Elsewhere, the Best Actress category generally held to form. Moore will go up against Salma Hayek (Frida), Nicole Kidman (The Hours) and Diane Lane (Unfaithful).

In the supporting races, Paul Newman’s name surfaced for the first time–the 77-year-old living legend, singled out for playing a living mob legend in Road to Perdition, will square off against Adaptation’s Chris Cooper (the choice of the National Board of Review and the L.A. critics) and Frida’s Alfred Molina; About Schmidt’s Kathy Bates (previously honored by the NBR and the L.A. denizens) is in the mix against Meryl Streep (Adaptation) and Catherine Zeta-Jones (Chicago).

Unlike the Oscars, the Critics Choice Awards draws its Best Picture winner from a field of 10, not five, nominees. As such, About Schmidt, Adaptation and The Hours will go up against Catch Me If You Can, Chicago, Far from Heaven, Gangs of New York, The Pianist, Road to Perdition, and the LOTR: The Two Towers.

Also unlike the Oscars, the awards honor computer-generated creatures. Nominees for the Best Digital Performance crown are: Dobby, the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets house elf; Gollum, the LOTR: The Two Towers cave-dwelling shut-in; and Yoda, the Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones light saber-wielding favorite.

Winners are to be announced January 17 at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. The ceremony will be broadcast January 18 by E! Entertainment Television.

Here’s a rundown of the Critics’ Choice Awards nominations:


About Schmidt
Catch Me If You Can
Far from Heaven
Gangs of New York
The Hours
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
The Pianist
Road to Perdition

Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis, Gangs of New York; Jack Nicholson, About Schmidt; Robin Williams, One Hour Photo
Actress: Salma Hayek, Frida; Nicole Kidman, The Hours; Diane Lane, Unfaithful; Julianne Moore, Far from Heaven
Supporting Actor: Chris Cooper, Adaptation; Alfred Molina, Frida; Paul Newman, Road to Perdition
Supporting Actress: Kathy Bates, About Schmidt; Meryl Streep, Adaptation; Catherine Zeta-Jones, Chicago
Acting Ensemble: Chicago, The Hours, My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Young Actor/Actress: Kieran Culkin, Igby Goes Down; Tyler Hoechlin, Road to Perdition; Nicholas Hoult, About a Boy
Digital Acting Performance: Dobby, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets; Gollum, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers; Yoda, Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones
Director: Roman Polanski, The Pianist; Martin Scorsese, Gangs of New York; Steven Spielberg, Catch Me If You Can and Minority Report
Screenwriter: Charlie Kaufman, Adaptation and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind; Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor, About Schmidt; Nia Vardalos, My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Composer: Phillip Glass, The Hours; Howard Shore, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers; John Williams, Catch Me If You Can, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Minority Report
Song: “Father and Daughter,” The Wild Thornberrys Movie; “Hero,” Spider-Man; “Lose Yourself,” 8 Mile
Animated Feature: Ice Age, Lilo & Stitch, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, Spirited Away
Family Film (Live Action): Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, The Rookie, Tuck Everlasting
Documentary: Bowling for Columbine, The Kid Stays in the Picture, Standing in the Shadows of Motown
Foreign-Language Film: Monsoon Wedding, Talk to Her, Y Tu Mama Tambien


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