Be Gandalf Online; Watch Sauron in Real Life – LotR Game in the Works According to MSNBC

by Apr 8, 2000Games

After having read the article, I don’t know if it is bad reporting or just bad news, Havas is the company that axed the last development team that was working on a Middle-earth game. If you head on over to their site(Click on their logo) you will see that they own both Blizzard and Sierra. They also own the company that brought you such classics as Math Blaster. With the amount of heads that were rolling at Sierra and the things that I have heard about the direction Blizzard is going, this company looks like it has come in yet again and purchased up another company. The reference that is below was tacked onto the end of what seemed to be a press release. I guess they figure if they mention the fact that they own the rights to Middle-earth, they will get more press coverage.

Havas became the largest computer game publisher in January 1999, when it bought the game subsidiary of Cendant Corp. for $770 million, including publishers Blizzard Entertainment, Knowledge Adventure and Sierra On-Line.

Emmanuel Schalit, president and chief operating officer of, said the company plans to capitalize on its rights to J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” fantasy novels to make an online game in which large numbers of gamers may act out the roles of Tolkien’s characters. Havas may charge players a monthly fee, he said.

May charge a monthly fee? It’s sad how yet another piece of Middle-earth falls under control of the forces of Mordor.

Hopefully my bad attitude can be cured, hopefully this product will be great. But I already have a bad taste in my mouth from the way they handled the last development team.

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