276 Observations About Fellowship of the Ring – Herr der Ringe

by Mar 15, 2002Games

German Tolkien fans recently compiled a list of hundreds of observations about the first Lord of the Rings film, posted on Herr der Ringe. With the aid of Babelfish, we translated this extensive list into English for your reading enjoyment.

Be advised that we make no claims to the authenticity of these observations (except for the parenthetical editorial observation, here and there) or for the accuracy of the translation. So, please, no wagering.


  • The bearers of the Elven rings are Galadriel, Cirdan, and Gil-Galad
  • In the Battle of the Last Alliance all have the suitable banners and coats of arms on sign and armament:
    Isildur: 7 stars and white tree -whether these stars stand for the Palantiri or not, is matter of opinion.
    Elrond: small symbol, almost like a trailer.
    Gondor’s Banner?
  • Elrond remains completely cool, even as arrows go flying past him.
  • Gil-Galad is seen killing an Orc with his spear just before Sauron emerges.
  • Is Thranduil at the Battle of the Last Alliance? Anyhow, three blonde Elves are behind Isildur as he cuts off Sauron’s fingers, and their hair is blown back by a blast of wind. The middle Elf is allegedly Thranduil.

    In The Shire

  • Which book is Frodo reading? Where does it come from? It seems to be written in Tengwar.
  • The Hobbit with the pig is NOT Merry.
  • Is the Hobbit with the goat Farmer Maggot?
  • There is a cow and sheep in Hobbiton.
  • During Gandalf’s arrival in Hobbiton, one of the Hobbit children runs by a chimney sticking out of the hillside.
  • The sign on Bilbo’s garden gate has Quenya/Sindarin vowel characters over the vowels (The “i” of “business” and the “e” of “admittance”); however, it is not truly Tengwar.
  • Bilbo’s front door is appropriately green! And does Gandalf’s scene of knocking at the door remind you of his first appearance in “The Hobbit”?
  • Bilbo’s door has a bell, which is rung by pulling a cable leading outside through a hole. Gandalf does not use the door bell.
  • When Gandalf comes in, Bilbo does not stop talking, and Gandalf does not watch where he is going.
  • Bilbo offers much of the same food to Gandalf (wine, cheese, chicken, jam, pickles, tarts, etc.) as he does to the dwarves in “The Hobbit.”
  • The maps seen in Bilbo’s study are identical to those of the book (including Thorn’s map!)
  • Pictures of Bilbo’s parents (Bungo Baggins and Belladonna Took) are in Bag End. The pictures are allegedly (a beardless) PJ and Fran Walsh
  • Bag End is rather untidy.
  • There are many coat hooks in Bag End.
  • The smoke rings blown by Bilbo and Gandalf are as described in the first chapter of “The Hobbit”.

    The Long-Expected Party

  • At the party, Bilbo welcomes Fatty Bolger! Does that mean that one of the older Hobbits in the forground is Odovacar Bolger, Fredegar’s father? Fredegar is one of the two younger hobbits. During Bilbo’s speech, these younger hobbits cheer when Bilbo greets the Bolgers.
  • The first firework Gandalf ignites is an enormous tree (green crown, brown-orangish trunk, golden flowers) exactly as in the book.
  • Merry is seen dancing in front of the birthday cake as it is being carried. Pippin is not present in the scene.
  • Who is the girl Frodo dances with? Is it the same one who laughs at the Green Dragon later? [Actually, the woman at The Green Dragon is Rosie Cotton, and she dances with Sam at the party].
  • Two of the children listening to Bilbo’s story about Smaug are PJ’s kids (Billie and Katie Jackson).
  • As the fireworks dragon flies over the party field, he sets fire to a tent, but it is not the same tent that Merry and Pippin fired the fireworks from.
  • When Frodo calls for a speech, there is a large woman behind Frodo, to his left. But as Bilbo mentions how stuffed everyone is from the meal, we see the same woman in front of Frodo, to the right.
  • When Bilbo greets his guests during his speech, Mr. Proudfoot has his feet on the table.
  • Why are Frodo and Gandalf during Bilbo’s speech?
    Frodo is near the center of the listeners.
    Gandalf is monitoring Merry and Pippin’s punishment (rinsing of the dishes) outside of the tent.
  • When Bilbo looks at Frodo during his speech, Frodo innocently looks back [obviously not expecting what Bilbo is about to do.]
  • When Bilbo drops the Ring, it falls slowly and lands on the floor without rolling.
  • Bilbo’s home is a rather dirty bachelor pad!
  • Bilbo leaves Bag End alone, not with dwarves as in the book.
  • Pippin is not seen when Frodo and Sam leave The Green Dragon. Where is Fatty Bolger?
  • Rosie is the waitress at The Green Dragon, and she says goodbye to Frodo and Sam. Same only gives her a quick look, since they are not yet an item. However, their relationship is not really discussed in this first film.
  • Sam can barely walk straight after leaving The Green Dragon with Frodo. Why does he listen at Frodo’s window later? Did he want to tell Frodo that he is in love with Rosie?
  • Frodo looks dog-tired when he returns from his night of drinking.
  • Does Frodo already have his chain when he leaves Hobbiton with the Ring?
  • During Gandalf and Frodo’s discussion about the Ring, the Ring does not reflect the fireplace and surroundings like it did during the Council of Elrond.
  • You can see dust specks on the Ring.

    Gandalf at Minas Tirith

  • As Gandalf stops to watch Mt. Doom burning, you can see Minas Tirith on the right, and Osgiliath over the Anduin in the lower corner.
  • What is Gandalf drinking at the Minas Tirith library? He drinks from a stone cup!
  • Isildur’s scroll is written with Quenya/Sindarin vowel letters (in addition to normal vowel letters).
  • Beside Gandalf is a large glass container filled with a clear liquid. Is it an oil lamp or a bottle of water?
  • The Minas Tirith library is a shambles!
  • In the flashback of Isildur, the Ring changes size to fit Isildur’s finger.

    Around Bree

  • In the luggage scene, Frodo packs up a meal (bread, apples) very carefully, which Gandalf wraps up in folded shirts.
  • Frodo’s vest has a buttons, while Sam’s vest is tied.
  • Frodo’s backpack is much smaller than Sam’s.
  • Not only are pots and pans hanging from Sam’s backpack, but also a string of sausage.
  • Merry always carries the same brown backpack.
  • Do Merry and Pippin still have Farmer Maggot’s vegetables with them when they reach the Ferry?
  • The farmer being asked by the Nazgul for the way to Hobbiton is Farmer Maggot. He is the only Hobbit who has a dog.
  • The nails sticking out from the hooves on the Black Riders’ horses stick out without being bent. Blood oozes from them.
  • The Nazgul’s horses have red eyes!
  • The Nazgul all have metal-footed shoes instead of leather boots.
  • For the tree stump scene, plastic ferns were used for set decoration.
  • When Frodo takes the Ring in hand in the tree stump scene, one sees that he has long fingernails! Hand double?
  • How do the clasps close on Frodo’s vest?
  • As the hobbits walk into Bree, there are three brown horses to the left. The animals to the right are not cows. We see Bill the Pony for the first time when Aragorn and the hobbits leave Bree.
  • PJ is seen chewing on a carrot, and he burps. The Prancing Pony sign is on the right.
  • When Butterbur asks the hobbits for their names, he looks at them expectantly, but looks disappointed when Frodo tells him “Underhill.” This is a nice allusion to Gandalf’s letter for book readers, although it is not mentioned in the film.
  • In The Prancing Pony, Pippin sits opposite from Frodo and Merry opposite of SAM! Pippin rises, in order to get itself a beer, Afterwards Merry sits opposite of Frodo!
  • As the Nazgul enter The Prancing Pony, Butterbur sits paralyzed in fear under the bar (or is it beside the door?).
  • As the Nazgul enter The Prancing Pony, all of the hobbits are asleep except Frodo, who seems to have been awake with Aragorn the whole time. Does Frodo still wear his waistcoat?

    Gandalf with Saruman

  • As Saruman walks down the steps of Orthanc, the image of a horse’s head can be seen in the bark of a tree to the right.
  • The stone in Saruman’s staff resembles a palantir, only small and bright.
  • There is a pipe in Gandalf’s first staff!
  • Can you already see the Crebain in Isengard?
  • As Gandalf and Saruman talk in Saruman’s study, both are drinking red wine. Saruman’s glass is almost empty and so is the carafe!
  • There is a leather strap around Gandalf’s staff, where a mini-Palantir (like on Saruman’s staff) would have gone. Is this why Saruman says (of the Palantir), “you KNOW of what I speak.” By the way, there seems to be a leather strap around Gandalf’s finger, although this is probably not an allusion to Narya.
  • What do the lines on Orthanc’s roof mean?
  • On a tree behind Saruman there appears to be two closed eyes.
  • Several large wheels can be see around Isengard, but all too far away for Saruman’s fall [a reference to RSWD]. There seem to be hundreds, even some underground.
  • The lines on the roof of Orthanc are perhaps a sundial or a “computer” for astronomical calculations.
  • Moth scene: Allusion on the fact that in the book Radagast the Brown asked all animals to carry important messages to Orthanc?

    Approaching Rivendell

  • In the “second breakfast” scene, is the horse a model? His mane and front legs seem too bright. Or is it an optical illusion?
  • In the “second breakfast” scene, Merry catches the first apple and gives it to Pippin. The second apple hits Pippin in the head. Merry doesn’t eat an apple.
  • Aragorn’s coat is an old, smudgy rag.
  • When the Ringwraiths approach, Sam, Merry and Pippin place themselves around Frodo, protecting him.
  • It is the Witch King who tries to remove the Ring from Frodo’s finger.
  • When Aragorn swordfights the Nazgul, he is careful only to parry their swords, because his own sword would dissolve if it touched a Nazgul. The only weapon he really uses is a torch.
  • Do you see a hole in Frodo’s waistcoat after he is stabbed by the Witch King? Is the hole patched later or does he get a new waistcoat in Rivendell?
  • We see the stone trolls from Bilbo’s adventures! Does one have a bird’s nest behind its ear? We really don’t get a chance to look at them because Frodo is dying and Arwen makes her entrance.
  • While Aragorn is picking the kingsfoil, he twitches before Arwen’s sword touches him.
  • Arwen’s dress and hairstyle seem to be different in the close-ups where she’s carrying Frodo.
  • Arwen rides (like Glorfindel in book) with saddle and reigns.
  • When Frodo rides with Arwen to Bruinen, green stuff flows from his eyes and mouth. Later, it is gone!
  • The Nagzul’s horses have the symbol of the Eye on their chests.
  • Arwen’s sword has runes on it!

    In Rivendell

  • Who is the rider one sees in the first look around Rivendell. He has a white horse, a bow, and black coat. Is he a companion of Legolas? Glorfindel? Elladan or Elrohir?
  • There is a carving of a woman in the bed that Frodo wakes up in. Is it Luthien?
  • On Frodo’s night stand is a glass vase with red roses.
  • Frodo’s night shirt resembles Legolas’ garb in Lorien.
  • Merry eats an apple quite enthusiastically as the hobbits greet Frodo.
  • There are Dwarf runes in Bilbo’s journal.
  • Bilbo’s journal has Quenya/Sindarin vowel characters (as well as normal ones).
  • Bilbo wears clothes of the finest Elven materials.
  • In the discussion between Gandalf and Elrond, another elf appears behind Elrond and looks around.
  • In the same discussion, Elrond pours red wine from a carafe.
  • When Legolas arrives in Rivendell, his coat has a slit in the back – not very practical should it rain.
  • On Boromir’s gloves are images of a white tree.
  • What book is Aragorn reading? “There and Back Again: A Hobbit’s Tale” by Bilbo Baggins! The book title is in Westron. The lettering inside is not Tengwar. (Therefore, it is not an Elvish mail-order catalog!).
  • Arwen wears another dress in Rivendell, which she wears in the hall and on the bridge.

    The Council of Elrond

  • Legolas jumps up from his chair every time he has something to say. (He obviously has ants in his pants!)
  • Does Frodo’s chair disappear from the room (as it seems to in some photos) when he walks up to put the Ring onto the plinth.
  • The silver buttons on Boromir’s coat have the white tree symbol on them.
  • When Boromir says, “The Ring is a gift”, Elrond’s look to Gandalf says, “I was right. Men are weak.”
  • Some men attending the Council are from Esgaroth.
  • Someone (the men from Esgaroth, perhaps?) says, “So it is true. The ring of power. The doom of men.”
  • During the Council, the Ring says several times, “Ash nazg durbatulûk, to Ash nazg gimbatul”
  • Beside Elrond are two dark-haired Elves (Elladan and Elrohir?) They are best-seen during Boromir’s speech.
  • The argument starts when Gimli says he won’t see the Ring in the hands of an Elf.
  • The left-most of the two Elves sitting next to Elrond jumps up to join in the argument, while the right-most one remains seated with Elrond.
  • Who are the two Elves beside Aragorn? (in the book Glorfindel and Galdor, a messenger sent by Cirdan)
  • When Legolas mentions Aragorn’s ancestry, Frodo looks surprised – and even more so when Legolas says Aragorn is the true king of Gondor.
  • Boromir’s expression when he learns of Aragorn’s ancestry is at first surprised and somewhat speechless, then doubtful, then measuring.
  • Legolas does not join in the argument; he even holds back some of the others.
  • Aragorn’s expression throughout the argument: “As though we don’t already have enough problems!”
  • Legolas’ expression as Gimli agrees to join the Fellowship: “No, not a dwarf!”
  • Gimli’s expression back: “I’m not taking my eyes off you, you big Elf!”
  • When Pippin says, :”You need people of intelligence in this soft of mission… quest… thing,” Gandalf’s expression to Elrond is: “Just let them come along.” In the book, Gandalf himself made the argument for Merry and Pippin coming along.

    Saruman and the Uruk-Hai

  • Lurtz has yellow eyes.
  • Lurtz’ war paint represents The White Hand of Saruman.

    The Ring Goes South

  • The Fellowship is waiting outside for Frodo while Bilbo is giving him Sting. Downstairs you can see Legolas, Gimli, Sam with Bill, and the other two hobbits.
  • In this scene, a white pigeon sits on a statue.
  • As the Fellowship goes over the bridge, you can see Bill.
  • Gandalf’s hat is blue.
  • In the Crebain scene, Sam serves Frodo his meal.
  • In the Crebain scene, Legolas hops over the rocks with ease. He stops like a cat on a branch, leaning into the wind for balance.
  • After Legolas calls out the warning “Crebain from Dunland,” comes the following quotes:
    Boromir: “Merry!”
    Aragorn: “Frodo!”
    Boromir: “Pippin!”
    Aragorn: “Sam!”
  • In the Crebain scene, who hides Bill? Gandalf was originally next to Bill, then Gimli. However, we never see Bill or Gimli in hiding.
  • In the Caradhras scenes, the latex hobbit feet goes up to the knee. Elsewhere in the film, they only go up to the ankle.
  • In the Caradhras snowstorm, Aragorn carries Frodo and Sam while Boromir carries Merry and Pippin.
  • Legolas walks over the snow without sinking into it.
  • Legolas says, “There’s a fell voice in the air.”
  • The order of events before the avalanche:
    Gandalf – Aragorn with Sam and Frodo – Boromir with Merry and Pippin – Gimli with Bill – Legolas
    Legolas runs forward
    Cut to Saruman.
    Now Gimli and Bill are in front of Gandalf, while Legolas is with Gandalf.
  • As Saruman summons the storm from atop Orthanc, you can see the river Isen in the background (also in the moth scene and Gandalf’s escape).
  • Legolas pulls Gandalf back as the avalanche falls.
  • Legolas is the first to emerge from the snow.
  • Legolas, who is the only member of the Fellowship not covered with snow, pulls Gimli from the snow.
  • Who digs out Bill? Or wasn’t he buried in the snow?

    In Moria

  • There is an aqueduct over the old road to Moria.
  • The Moria gate looks like the drawing from the book.
  • At the gate, Legolas bends over briefly and then straightens up. What was he doing?
  • In the book, Gandalf laughs when he finally realizes what the password is. In the film, someone (Gimli?) coughs in the background. Note: in the book, only the letters become pale.
  • When Gandalf becomes frustrated about not coming up with the password, he throws down his staff as in the book.
  • He puts his sword down with the hilt on the ground rather than the point becoming embedded in the soil.
  • At the gate, someone throws the first stone, then Merry, but Aragorn prevents Pippin from throwing the third.
  • When Frodo is grabbed by the Watcher in the Water, Sam calls for “Strider” but Merry calls for “Aragorn.”
  • Sam is the first one to chop at a tentacle.
  • Boromir catches Frodo when the Watcher drops him. Then Boromir calls on Legolas, who fires an arrow at the Watcher.
  • Legolas helps a hobbit (probably Sam) up after Frodo is saved from the Watcher.
  • Legolas places his hand on the back of one of the hobbits as they escape into Moria.
  • Legolas places his hand on Aragorn’s shoulder when the gate collapses.
  • As the others sit in front of the three passages [as Gandalf decides which one to take], only Legolas stands, holding his bow and looking down over a ledge.
  • The three passages go downward, but in the book they go upward.
  • Was Aragorn filmed in some Moria sequences by a stand-in, because at the time, Viggo got a black eye from surfing with the hobbit boyz?

    The Chamber of Mazarbul and After

  • At Balin’s Tomb, Boromir puts his hand on Gimli’s shoulder.
  • At Balin’s Tomb, Gimli says, “Oh, no” several times, then murmurs something else.
  • Gandalf takes the book of Mazarbul from the hands of a skeleton (Orc?), which has a lot of detailing on it. However, when the Fellowship prepare later for the Orc attack, it looks like a doll.
  • The book of Mazarbul is written in fine handwriting. Only the last line (“They are coming”) is scrawled in Tengwar. This last line therefore (according to the book) was written by Ori.
  • Gandalf throws his hat onto the ground, where it remains through the Orc attack.
  • How many axes does Gimli have before entering Moria? Gimli jumps on Balin’s tomb with two throwing axes, one of which he throws at the troll. When he jumps down, he gets a double-bladed axe from the ground and fights with this from now on (however, in an editing error, we do see him later fighting with one of his older axes). After the fight, he gets his throwing axe and fastens the double-bladed axe to his back. Which axe does he have on the Bridge and when he is held back by Boromir outside of Moria? What axe does her carry in Lorien and afterwards.
  • Boromir puts down his cloak before the fight (can you see it piled on the ground?) but gets it when he escapes.
  • Sam, Merry and Pippin place themselves around Frodo, protecting him.
  • The passages aren’t always lit, when orcs are around.
  • Sam is the first hobbit to kill an orc.
  • Sam hits an orc with a pan and says, “I think I’m getting the hang of this.”
  • Aragorn beheads an orc, and blood spurts toward the camera.
  • Do you ever see the impact hole in Frodo’s shirt [from the Troll’s spear]? You don’t see it later on.
  • After the fight at Balin’s tomb, Legolas has only 3 or 4 arrows. But later, he shoots about 10 orcs.
  • When the Orcs flee the Balrog, Gandalf closes his eyes, as though he knew what was going to happen next.
  • When Gandalf tells them about the Balrog, Boromir steps back, as though in fear.
  • Legolas looks quite frightened when Gandalf mentions the Balrog, as though he is the only one, besides Gandalf, to know what it is. What about Aragorn?
  • As the Fellowship goes through a door to escape the Balrog, Gandalf remains. Aragorn waits for a moment around the corner, then Gandalf appears, looking totally exhausted. This is when he says to Aragorn, ,,You lead them on… swords are of no use here.” It looks as though Gandalf just had a preliminary confrontation with the Balrog.
  • After Boromir almost falls off the broken stair, Legolas jumps down the stairs about 6 feet.
  • At the Bridge of Khazad-dum, Legolas fires an arrow, which the camera follows into the head of an orc. But when the orc falls, the arrow is embedded into a column.
  • Legolas catches Aragorn at the Bridge of Khazad-dum. Frodo is now held by Boromir, who is also holding Sam.
  • “Nobody tosses a dwarf.” This is an allusion to the sport of dwarf tossing.
  • After Gandalf falls, Boromir carries Frodo outside.
  • Saruman’s expression as Lurtz chokes the Orc Overseer after being hatched seems to say that his new creation is terrible but wonderful.
  • Boromir prevents Gimli from running back inside Moria.
  • The look on Legolas’ face after emerging from Moria is so sad and disturbing.
  • Aragorn’s expression as he looks upon Lothlorien: This is where Arwen and I confessed our love for each other.
  • You can see Mirrormere!
  • How many arrows does Legolas have when the Fellowship escapes into Lothlorien?


  • When the Fellowship are surprised by Haldir, Boromir is not to be seen.
  • Legolas draws his bow, but the other members of the Fellowship do not draw their swords.
  • Haldir’s companions are his brothers, Rumil and Orophin!
  • Has PJ been recycling Elves? Did one of Haldir’s companions sit at the Council of Elrond?
  • Celeborn holds Galadriel’s hand as though he were leading her to the altar.
  • The windows in Galadriel’s flet resemble the design of Arwen’s jewel.
  • Galadriel says, “Your quest stands on the edge of a knife. Stray but a little and it will fail to the ruin of all” to Boromir, but says “Yet hope remains as long as the company is true” to Sam.
  • When Boromir is talking so sadly to Aragorn [about trying to satisfy his father], his face is dirty and what looks like a teardrop was on his face. Was he crying?
  • In Legolas’ (glass-) bottle is red wine. The top of the carafe is made from silver. [or did they mean “mithril”?]
  • In one scene, Legolas is dressed in white/silver-gray undergarments.
  • Merry asks Legolas for the translation of “Lament for Gandalf.”
  • Legolas sleeps as Galadriel walks by.
  • As Galadriel walks to the Mirror, we see her bare feet and the Frodo’s feet.
  • In Galadriel’s mirror, Frodo sees Sam bound in chains, part of a slave caravan. The scene is in the Shire. It represents what would happen if Frodo fails.
  • Can you see the gifts Galadriel gives to the Fellowship [from the deleted gift-giving scene]?
    Frodo: Phial!
    Legolas: New bow and knife!
    Aragorn: Elessar, a large green jewel in a silver brooch, an eagle with spread wings?
    Boromir: golden belt
    Merry and Pippin: silver belts
    Sam: small wooden box, gray with silver G. on the cover?
    Gimli: strand of Galadriel’s hair?
    According to the “Making of the film” book:
    1. All: Elven cloaks with clasps! Lembas? Three boats!
    2. Frodo: Earendil star-glass.
    3. Legolas: Bow and quiver with arrows
    4. Aragorn: Scabbard with Elven runes? Is that what he used to ram Lurtz in the legs?
    5. Merry and Pippin: belts
    6. Sam: Magic rope?
    7. Boromir: Nothing? Or perhaps the golden belt. Amon Hen + funeral
    8. Gimli: Nothing?
  • Does anyone see the rope that the Fellowship receives in Lorien?
  • Galadriel is visibly wearing her ring when she says farewell to the Fellowship.
  • Legolas sits (!) in the boat. [About the only time you see him sitting for any length of time.]

    To the Falls of Rauros

  • Only Sam’s cloak is closed with an Elven brooch that is closed as a right-handed person would close it. Are all the others left-handed (Aragorn isn’t!), or is Sam the only one to have removed his cloak since leaving Lothlorien?
  • The Elven cloaks seem to change color, and are at times thick while at other times thin. As in the book, they seem to be made of some indefinable material.
  • Legolas has a new bow? He also has a new quiver with arrows that you can see when Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli go “orc hunting.”
  • The boat paddles look like feathers, even with veins on the back side.
  • Gimli appears to be very uncomfortable in his boat.
  • Aragorn turns after hearing a rustle on the west bank of the Anduin, but sees nothing. There are three theories for the cause of the noise: Gollum, Uruk-hai, or birds. However, the film never explains the noise.
  • When you see the boat from the front, sometimes the water seems to ripple behind the boat. Is it Gollum?
  • At the Argonath, Isildur appropriate holds an axe, but Anarion has a sword. But who is actually who?
  • There is a bird’s nest in the left eye of the right statue. You can see a larger bird in the distance.
  • Is that Gollum crawling on the Argonath? Probably not.

    To Amon Hen

  • Where does the giant statue head that Frodo sleeps upon come from?
  • When Frodo takes the ring to the top of Amon Hen, he finds a throne atop a platform! [This would be the Seat of Seeing, described in the book].
  • As Frodo tells Aragorn that he is leaving, the ring says “Aragorn” and then “Elessar.”
  • As Aragorn leaps off the platform of Amon Hen during his fight with the Uruk-hai, he yells out “Elendil!”.
  • Boromir’s horn breaks in the fight against the Uruk-hai.
  • The sound of Lurtz’ bow!
  • Lurtz back hand is placed incorrectly when he shoots Boromir!
  • Pippin hits the back of the Uruk-hai who carries him away.
  • Legolas (+Gimli?) and Aragorn hear Boromir’s horn together. Aragorn runs off immediately, while Legolas leaps out of the way and then run. However, Legolas and Gimli arrive at Boromir’s location about 5 minutes after Aragorn!
  • Aragorn carries his scabbard on his right side [as though he was left-handed] when he rams into Lurtz.
  • In his fight with Lurtz, Aragorn has a bloody lip.
  • Is Lurtz’ death an allusion to Monty Python’s knight with the coconut? PJ is allegedly a Monty Python fan. [Perhaps they mean the Black Knight who wouldn’t admit defeat, no matter how badly maimed, in “Holy Grail”].
  • Legolas’ expression after Boromir’s death!
  • In the boat with Frodo, Sam stresses the point of “I made a promise” very strongly.
  • Is the horn of Gondor whole in the funeral scene? No, it broke!
  • Aragorn covers Boromir’s funeral boat with a leather cover containing Elendil’s coat of arms, the symbol of the White Tower, and the white tree of Minas Tirith.
  • Before Aragorn says, “Let’s hunt some orc,” the scene appears to change colors, as if a blue filter were used.
  • When Aragorn says, “Let’s hunt some orc,” Gimli has an expression of “Oh, boy, this is going to be great fun!” Legolas smiles quietly to himself.
  • As Frodo and Sam look in the direction of Mordor, behind the Emyn Muil you can see the dead marshes.


  • Chapter names: “A shortcut to mushrooms,” “the bridge of Khazad-dum,” “a long-expected party, “Strider” (this wasn’t difficult to put in), “a journey in the dark,” “Lothlorien,” “the mirror of Galadriel.”
  • Bilbo in Bag-end: “Why, I feel all thin, sort of stretched, if you know what I mean: like butter that has been scraped over too much bread.” All the dialog between Gandalf and Bilbo are almost 1:1 from the book.
  • Bilbo at the Party: “I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.”
  • Elrond, to Sam: “It is hardly possible to separate you from him. Even when he is summoned to a secret council and you are not.”
  • Gandalf in Moria: “Pity? It was pity that stayed Bilbo’s hand… Many that live deserve death…” In the book, Gandalf says this in Bag-end. And Frodo’s responses are the same.
  • Sam in Moria: “A real eye-opener!”
  • Gandalf in Moria: “Fool of a Took!”
  • “breathes so loud, we could have shot him in the dark.” In the book, Legolas translates this from Haldir, which is directed at the hobbits – not Gimli.
  • Gandalf at the fireplace after the birthday party: “Riddles in the dark” Chapter name from “The Hobbit.”
  • Dialog between Frodo and Sam at the conclusion:
    Frodo: “… may the others find a safe road! Strider will look after them. I don’t suppose we shall see them again.”
    Sam: “Yet we may, Mr. Frodo. We may.”
  • Galadriel’s prologue sequence: “The world is changing. I feel it in the water, I feel it in the forest, I smell it in the air..” is actually a line spoken by Treebeard in “The Two Towers.”
  • Frodo’s remark to Gandalf: “We Baggins were always ordinary people. We did nothing unexpected and were never involved in adventures” quoted almost literally from the first section of “The Hobbit.”
  • In “The Pony,” Aragorn tells Sam, “You have a stout heart.” In the books, he says the same to Merry, when Merry reports of his encounter with a Black Rider.
  • In Rivendell, Frodo says to Sam, “you always wanted to see the Elves, more than anything else.” In the book, it is a remark Sam makes in Bag-end.
  • Gimli’s take about there being a “powerful sorceress” in Lorien is not only dwarf myth, but also corresponds almost literally with what Eomer and Beregond say about the “Lady of the Wood.” Gimli speaks here for the mortal neighbors of the Elves.
  • Saruman’s words to Gandalf on the pinnacle of Orthanc, “one ill turn deserves another,” is surely an allusion to a section of “The Taming of Smeagol” where Frodo says to Gollum, “one good turn deserves another.”
  • In the Crebain scene, Boromir says, “It is moving fast then, and against the wind.” In the book, Aragorn says this – although it is not clear whether he means a crebain swarm or the Nazgul.


  • The Elves’ pointed ears!
  • The scenes of Isildur!
  • Are the costumes hand-sewn or done by machine? Probably the costumes of the lead actors, at least, are hand-sewn (for close-ups).
  • The statues at Amon Hen and Amon Sul are probably not identical, but only very similar. (It is at Amon Sul where Boromir is pierced by arrows).
  • In all building shots with models, birds are seen flying about – EXCEPT at Barad-dûr.
  • Dirty fingers and fingernails all the time.
  • The belts of the Fellowship are pulled by a normal belt lop and fastened and then pulled through forward, because they are all too long. There are, however, no knots.
  • How do the dates between the film and the book correspond?
    1. Sam tells Aragorn that it is six days march from Weathertop to Rivendell. However, according to the Appendix, Strider and the Hobbits arrive on Weathertop on October 6. On October 12, they arrive at the last bridge. On the 19 is the Ford, and on October 20, they arrive in Rivendell. Additionally, the books says that Frodo had the Morgul knife wound in the shoulder for 17 days, so Sam is not correct!
    2. When Frodo wakes in Rivendell, Gandalf says it is October 24. Yes, this is correct. Frodo was unconscious for four days before he woke up.
    3. Gandalf says as they depart Rivendell that it will take 40 days to reach the Gap of Rohan. In the book, it takes 19 days (Dec. 25 – Jan. 13) to travel from Rivendell to the Moria Gate, and the way to the Gap of Rohan is again twice as long, so surely it would take more than 40 days.
    4. Gandalf says at the Gate of Moria that it is four days’ march to the other side. In the book, they arrive at the West Gate on January 13, come to the east gate on January 14, and on the 15, enter Lorien.


  • Merry seems to be constantly eating.
  • Isn’t there anyway for the hobbits to unfold the hobbits trousers so that they can take care of “urgent business”? For a good look at their trousers, watch Sam pack in Rivendell.
  • The hobbits’ clothes:
    Frodo and Bilbo: The best tailors in the Shire!
    Merry: Also very good clothes! (rich Brandybucks)
    Pippin: A bit more plain! (Second class Tooks).
    Sam: “Mother Gamgee sewed this!”

    Other Elves

    Elves seem to emit a light, especially Galadriel.

  • Elrond does not carry his ring of power (Vilya) visibly. Neither does Gandalf (Narya).


  • In many fights, everyone is exhausted – except Legolas.
  • Legolas is always ready for anything!
  • Legolas’ belt clasp resembles a leaf.


  • Boromir and Aragorn always sit together.
  • Aragorn does not carry Narsil/Anduril in FotR! (You could tell Anduril by its hilt).
  • Aragorn always carries Arwen’s jewel, starting from Rivendell. The jewel will eventually go to Frodo in RotK (according to the book). It is described as follows: a white jewel, like a star, which hangs from a silver chain on the chest.
  • Aragorn has only a short pipe. Everyone else’s pipe has a long handle.
  • Aragorn wears a glove only on his right hand. His left hand is sometimes very dirty. (Refer to Boromir’s death).
  • Aragorn’s ring:
    Does it correspond to the description in the book? (This ring resembled two snakes, whose eyes were emeralds, and whose heads me under a crown of golden flowers, with one head held high, and the other devouring it; this was Finarfin’s coat of arms).
    He constantly wears in on his left index finger.


  • The Orcs wear pierced rings (nose rings and eye brows).
  • The Orcs wear rusty armor.
  • The Ring can change size and weight to fits its wearer.
  • The flaming Eye grows from time to time.
  • Saruman looks evil even when wearing pure white.


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