Traveling to England in mid-September? Add Tolkien to your itinerary… – Attend Oxonmoot!

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Thanks to Yarrow for this Oxonmoot overview!

What is Oxonmoot? Oxonmoot, the largest annual event of the Tolkien Society, takes place Friday, September 13th – Sunday, September 15th, and is centered in Oxford, England.

The events at Oxonmoot start on Friday evening, with Registration and informal meetings in the bar. A meal is available in College, although people arrive at Oxonmoot at all hours and those who know Oxford may prefer to eat anywhere in the many good eating places in the town. There is conversation in the Buttery bar, and later some people may organise readings and other informal events.

On Saturday there are talks, papers and slide shows on Tolkien-related material. A quiz is held for those who wish to display their knowledge of all things Tolkien, and the Sales Room and Art Show are open most of the day. At lunchtime on Saturday a Reception is held to allow Oxonmooters to meet with people who knew the Professor, and with each other. All other activities are suspended so that everyone can attend. In the evening we hold a party with a bar, and entertainment provided by musically or dramatically inclined members, including a mini-masquerade for costume-wearers.

On Sunday, at 11:00, is the ceremony of Enyalië (Remembrance). We gather at the grave of Professor Tolkien to remember the man whose work has inspired all of us. After that there is lunch at the College and a farewell, safe journey, see you next year, talk by the Subcommittee Chair, or you may prefer to eat at one of Oxford’s famous pubs, perhaps the Lamb and Flag (opposite the equally historic but smaller Eagle and Child (Bird and Baby), where The Inklings met.

Here are a few photos of Oxonmoot, as well as the URL leading to the Tolkien Society’s web site:


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