TolCon 2005 Fanfilm Exhibition – Press Release

by Mar 29, 2005Events


The Northwest Tolkien Society is pleased to announce the addition of the TolFilm FanFilm Exhibition to TolCon, a convention dedicated to Tolkien, his works, his worlds and his fans, to be held May 13-15th, 2005 in Seattle, Washington.

We will accept submissions of all kinds, as long as the films relate to the Tolkien universe. Any of Tolkien’s books, languages, landscapes, even his environmental views are fair game. Yes, the actors too are fair game–as long as you show their relation to Tolkien. If it’s a music video, parody, comedy, documentary, animation, a humorous look at waiting in line for tickets to LOTR, we wants it, precious! Submissions are open now until April 29th, 2005. For submission guidelines or more information on TolCon, visit


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