The LOTR Trailer is Coming… LINE UP WITH US! – Join us in Los Angeles!

by Jan 7, 2001Events

The Tolkien Guild–a group of Tolkien societies and organizations bound together to advance JRR Tolkien’s work and vision–is planning its first major event… an extended line-up to be held in Los Angeles, California for the first theatrical trailer of New Line Cinema‘s production of The Lord of the Rings trilogy!

As many of you know, the trailer will be released this coming Friday, January 12, before the movie Thirteen Days. With our passionate anticipation of this event, we will begin lining up at 12:00 AM midnight on Friday, 12 and a half hours BEFORE the first showing of Thirteen Days at the AMC 14 in Burbank, CA.

Why should you line up with us? Well, New Line Cinema is giving us a special bonus by showing the Lord of the Rings trailer not just once, but TWICE! Once at the beginning of the film, and once right after the film! NO ONE ELSE IN THE WORLD will have this privilege!

And for the 12 and a half hours we’re waiting on the sidewalk, we’re going to have a bunch of awesome giveaways, T-Shirts, and some really cool special surprises we’re working on (more info on those soon)!

AMC Theaters has been kind enough to reserve 250 spots for us in this very first showing of the Lord of the Rings trailer, so head over to the Tolkien Guild and reserve your spot (more details on the line are available there)!

WHERE: AMC Burbank 14 (directions)

WHEN: Friday, January 12, 12:00 am – 12:30 pm

WHY: For the trailer, the cool stuff, and most of all for the fun you’re going to have with hundreds of other Lord of the Rings fans in line and in the theater!!!

And if you can’t make it to Los Angeles, start organizing your own local line at the Guild’s local events forum. It’s much more fun to experience events like these in a group–start your group now!

From: The Tolkien Guild


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