The Great Tolkien Convention in Germany – Der Herr der Ringe

by Jan 29, 2001Events

From January, 12th to 14th the German Tolkien website Herr der Ringe held a Tolkien Convention at a German castle and 160 Tolkien-fans took part.

Here is an excerpt of their report on the event:

In the evening, dinner did not take place in the usual dining-room, but in the great knights-hall, where the fireplace had been lit and a huge banquet had been put up. Just a few hours before, some people of Kinowelt, the German Lord of the Rings distributor and also sponsor of the convention, had arrived and everyone was now waiting excitedly for Cirdan’s movie-presentation that was supposed to take place at nine o’clock, after dinner.

Of course everybody already had a hunch that we would see some of the movie-footage and especially the girls’ faces were blushing with excitement. (“Oh my gosh, Orlando is sooooo cute!”)

Even before nine o’clock the door to the room of the presentation was being besieged by fans who wanted to get the best possible seats, ‘though it was chill outside and everybody was shivering with cold. But it was definitely worth the afford! Once we had been checked for any kind of device we could possibly have taken photos with (“You’re not permitted to take any photo- or videocameras with you!”), we were led into the room and Cirdan showed pictures of his stay in New Zealand (no set-pictures of course!) and we also saw a little trailer Astaran had made of the photos of the meeting in September.

But all this was nothing against the trailers we saw afterwards. The Kinowelt-people had brought two cassettes of footage (about six minutes each) and also the first teaser-trailer to show it to us as “European premiere”. (I think I don’t have to say that we were quite excited!) We spent the rest of the evening talking, having drinks in the bar and maybe feeling a little sorry for ourselves, because it’s still another eleven month until this movie is going to be out!!


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