The Gathering of the Fellowship is Still a Go!

by Jun 15, 2006Events

Just received the following from Ed at The Gathering of the Fellowship… if you have the chance to go this year, I highly recommended taking the week off!

Last week, we made it known that the Gathering event was in trouble; that pre-registrations were far below targets, and that we were considering cancelling it.

Since then, we have experienced a variety of reactions in a flood of emails, offering support and encouragement, some expressions of anxiety, and even some anger. Most people told us that while they were disappointed, they understood our situation and would learn to live with whatever the outcome. Others said that they would be coming to Toronto no matter what happened, to gather together in fellowship; so at the very least we have succeeded in our goal of bringing people together to discuss Tolkien. But the most heart-warming of all have been the donations! We have received a number of donations, some minor and some major. There is no expression of “thank you” that does justice to how we feel about these gifts. One thing is clear: there are no people like Tolkien fans. Your generosity has humbled us.

With these reactions in mind, and with the cooperation of our volunteers over the last week in cutting costs to the bone, we have decided to go ahead with the Gathering event. It will be more intimate than we first envisioned, a smaller group and less frills, but it will go ahead.

But we still need your help! We are by no means in the free and clear! We still need many more registrations to be able to cover our expenses. Every little bit helps, from donations of any amount, to convincing your friends to attend with you. Please purchase your registration before arriving in Toronto, as our biggest obstacle at the moment is cash-flow. We have recently made more Silmaril packages available, so you may freely purchase them or upgrade your existing package. With your help, this Gathering of the Fellowship convention can still be all that we want it to be!

Thank you in advance for your support.

Click here to head on over to The Gathering’s website!


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