Ringbearers Day 2005 – Games Workshop to be Full Programming Guest – Get in on the Action

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February 10th 2005
Ringbearers Day 2005 – https://www.herenistarion.org/ringbearersday

Games Workshop is the largest and the most successful tabletop wargames company in the world. The creators of Warhammer and The Lord of the Rings Strategy battle game have been announced as an official Ringbearers Day 2005 sponsor and Special Programming Guest!

For the last few years Games Workshop has been demonstrating their Lord of the Rings strategy battle game at NY Tolkien Society events, this year they take it up a notch!

Not only will they have Full visitor participation Gaming Scenarios Paint and Take Hobby and Master Class lessons, diorama displays, but attendees will be given a special sneak peek at two forthcoming supplements, where Tolkien’s tales truly come to life:
The Scouring of the Shire (help defend the Shire with the hobbit and shirriffs!)
The Battle of the Five Armies (based around the events in ‘The Hobbit’
This blend of tale, legend and gaming is not one to miss!!

Here is the official Games Workshop Programming rundown:
Gaming Demonstrations and Visitor Participation Battle Scenarios
*’Scouring of the Shire’ Scenario Table
Play through the scenarios contained within the forthcoming Scouring of the Shire Supplement
*’Ambush at Amon Hen’ Scenario Table
Reenact the capture of the Halflings and the death of Boromir. Straightforward scenario, repeated throughout the day
*’Fields of Pelennor’ Battle Table
This battle game is set as the Haradrim enter the battle. Control a Mumak and its crew, or fight as the forces of Rohan. To be repeated throughout the day
*’Battle of Five Armies’ Demonstration Game
A sneak peek at our new 10mm strategy game, based around the events in’The Hobbit’. Control the forces of men, dwarves or elves, or battle them as the goblins or the wargs. Short demonstrations to be run throughout the day

*’Paint and Take’ painting demonstration table
Full visitor participation Learn to paint Lord of the Rings miniatures! Paint a model (uruk hai, goblin or gondorian) under the expert guidance of a GW painter and take it home!
*’Hobby Master class’ demonstration table
Viewing only
Want to learn new techniques from the experts? See master painters in action as they work on miniatures and scenery from the Lord of the Rings range. They will be on hand all day to help with painting and scenery advice
*Games Workshop will also have display cabinets featuring a selection of miniatures and mini dioramas from the Lord of the Rings range

*Ask Games Workshop!
Floating Games Workshop staff will be on hand to answer any questions that may arise and to offer help and advice
Live in the New York City Area?
Then be sure to visit anyone of these New York City Games Workshop Hobby Centers
to get your hands on a special Ringbearers Day 2005/Games Workshop promotional postcard.
Be sure to ask Games Workshop Staff about a special discounted ticket rate to the event!!!
To learn more about Games Workshop visit the Official Site:


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