Gathering of Seattle’s ‘Tolkien Online’ Fellowship – Come Join us in line if you can!

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Thanks to Idril for this info!  If any of you others are planning line events, head on over to the Events Forum on our Messageboard!

Well a year ago I attempted to get a Gathering of TORCers together but the interest waned and my work got in the way of it being convenient. But the dream stayed alive thanks to good friends and hearty souls that share in my love for J.R.R. Tolkien. After my first try at organizing a Seattle Gathering, I was unsure if I wanted to take on a second try but I am sure glad that I did! I have met in person several friends that have become a part of my family IRL not just on the boards. Because of their support, I planned and we had our first Seattle Gathering of TORCers in July of 2002.

We met down on the Seattle Waterfront, at the Ivar’s Seafood Bar & Restaurant where we later decided to have a meal. It was a beautiful sunny day (in the Pacific Northwest) that was clear enough for us to see Mount Rainier to the South, the Olympic Mountain Range across the water to the West, and the Cascade Mountain Range to the East. We had the privilege of meeting some out-of-state TORCers that live in Montana and we were blessed by their speaking Elven to us. Elwe-Songollo and Tasarwen will forever be honorary Seattlites. There were several others in attendance from all over the state of Washington. We had hailing from the North, Vanaladiel and from the islands, Elenath & Guruthostirn. Then there were several of us hailing from Eastern Washington; Idril, Muad~Dib, & Snowdog, Eledaia & NabooHuntress with her family. We had a wonderful time together sharing our lives and love of Tolkien and his works and of our love of this site, Tolkien Online. That day came to an end all to quickly, and we each went our own ways at the end of the day. All of us with new friendships that will last for a long time, if not a life time.

We discussed in our Events thread on Tolkien Online, and at our first meeting, of having yet another Gathering to plan a Line Party for the Premiere Opening of The Two Towers at the Seattle Cinerama. This grand event took place on October 12, 2002. We gathered at ‘Ye Ole Spaghetti Factory’ near Pier 70, again on Seattle’s Waterfront a few blocks North of our first gathering place. A core group from the initial meeting met there for a nice dinner. It was a smaller group than the first Gathering, with a new attendee. We had Idril & Snowdog, Vanaladiel, Elenath & Guruthostirn and Meldissë. We had a nice night talking, planning and eating. A good time was had by all and the plans were set in place.

It turned out to be plans for a small camp-out of friends in which two rooms now have been reserved; one at the Kings Inn and one at the Warwick, both across the street from the Seattle Cinerama. We have even planned for our food, snacks, drinks, music, games and we are working on a napping schedule! There will be a total of 14 there with a possibility of 18 (if anyone brings other friends along) as we are aware of 4 other tickets being available!

How does one go about all this planning and working at getting people together you ask? Well it has to be a group effort! I could not have done this alone for a small or bigger group without the help and I would like to thank all that have helped to make these Gatherings successful! I have made the initial plans and come up with some ideas which I have shared in emails or in our Events thread. Others have done the same thing and we together have decided what will work best for our group. Cooperation is another key element to a successful, well anything! Without it, it would have ended like my first tries, in failure. The co-operation that I am talking about is that someone offered to take on the making of name tags so that we will all know whom each other is when first meeting. And another is that someone (actually 2 someone’s) drove into downtown Seattle during high traffic time on a Friday Night! Insane? Of course! But those 2 people were willing to do so to make sure that we had enough tickets to the Premiere Opening so that no one was left out. It was a good thing too as the Seattle Cinerama sold out of tickets by 9:30 AM the next day
which was about 30 hours after having them for sale!

Another key has been to keep in contact with the theater of choice that is showing The Two Towers. They have been great in answering my inquires and keeping me informed about what is going on. Also if by chance you are in the Seattle area and would like to join us for our little Gathering, we will be at 4th & Lenora Streets at the Cinerama. We do not have any tickets available for purchase but if you already have yours, we would welcome your joining with us. We welcome you to join us even if you are unable to make it to the 1st showing. Snowdog & I did this last year so that we could meet some online friends from TORC that were there for the first show, even though he and I did not have tickets. We had alot of fun just visiting. Some of us will be in costume, some will not. We will be the group near the brown Jeep Cherokee hopefully along the sidewalk on Lenora (near the Metro bus stop).

Where did I get the idea to meet fellow TORCers? I got the idea of meeting fellow TORCers from meeting some other online friends a few years ago, before TORC existed. It was a bit scary but it worked out OK. We weren’t nearly as organized and I could never keep the people straight as we didn’t have name tags. If you ever plan to have a Gathering or group get together, I suggest first planning it out and asking your friends for support, commitments and suggestions. It isn’t difficult after taking that first step in organization and taking on the challenge’s that come with it. Big or small, your Gathering can be a success. Just keep the dream alive and plan, plan, plan.

Well for now, I bid you namárie.



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