Fan Fellowship Gathering in Dallas, Texas – Event set for December 19th to celebrate “Fellowship of the Ring” premiere

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Josephine sent us information about her efforts to organize an event for the film’s premiere in Dallas: “Our goal is to have a special viewing if we can arrange this for the whole group only, if not we will see, as a group together with local people, the first showing in Dallas.”

Dear Tolkien fans all over the world,

We have started to work out the details for the Fan Fellowship Gathering in Dallas, Texas to celebrate the release of the first LOTR Movie, THE FELLOWSHIP OF THR RING, together as fans from all over the world.

If you are already on the attending list please send me your email address so I can contact you and keep you personally posted.

If you are not yet on our list and wish to join us please send me an email.

And please send me your true name also, it will look better on the list we send to the contact people. Your email address will not pass me. Only your names for attendance information. Thanks.

I will arrange a Motel for fans to stay at the night before and the night after the movie. (you will have to provide the costs your self but I will see if I can make this as cheap as possible for you)

As far as we know the date is SET for the 19th of December 2001. let us have a tad more confirmation on that, hopefully within the next week or so, then we can start ordering our flight tickets.

We have wonderful contacts and it looks like this is going to be a promising event.

Information so far.

Tolkien Fan Fellowship Gathering
To Celebrate the release of The Fellowship of the Ring
Fans from all over the Globe
Dallas, Texas
19 December 2001


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