Dragon*Con 2000 – Day 4

by Jul 2, 2000Events

Karl signs an autograph
Dragon*Con is over, and despite the good times we had, we are all looking forward to getting home–back to our reliable internet connections and our own beds (and less humidity too)!

Look for a complete recap and a posting of all our Real Audio files of the Tolkien Sessions here at Dragon*Con (that we can legally post) later this week. We will also be posting more pictures from Dragon*Con. For now you can check out our current updates.

Today started off with another session with Michael Martinez about reconstructing Middle-earth. As always Michael was informative and engaging.

The webmasters turn was next. Corvar from www.theonering.net, Michael Martinez from Xenite.org, and Jonathan and I from this site all talked about our impressions of the movies. We spent alot of time talking about our impressions of what Tolkien would think of a translation of his books into movies.

Next we got to chat with Brad Dourf and Karl Urban. It was great to see them together, playing off each others comments–there were more laughs at this session than any other. They’re two great guys with great dispositions and wonderful demeanors. If their personalities are any hint, then Jackson made a great choice casting them.

We ended off th Tolkien Track with a discussion with Glass Hammer, a music group making CD’s inspired by Tolkien’s Middle-earth. Their next CD is tentativly called Live, in Middle-earth. It will be a collection of pub and tavern songs you might hear in one of the many inns in MIddle-earth.

The day ended with the Dead Dog party for those who helped pull Dragon*Con 2000 together.

We look forward to returning next year for an even bigger and better Tolkien experience. Remember, check back later this week for the final recap of Dragon*Con 2000, along with the complete Real Audio update so you can listen to all the sessions we listened to!

Many thanks to Michael Martinez of Xenite.org for inviting us months ago…


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