Dragon*Con 2000 – Day 3 Update – One More Day

by Jul 2, 2000Events

It’s kind of hard to report on stuff when we’re not allowed to take pictures or record the audio! Nevertheless, I shall do my best…. 🙂

Today was a day full of secrecy. The first session was in one of the main halls with Karl Urban (Eomer) and Brad Dourif (Grima Wormtongue); it covered a multitude of their experiences and wasn’t quite focused on LOTR–nothing new there. Next we had a Tolkien Trivia Game at which some die-hard Tolkien gurus (and some not so die-hard) gave it their best shot–some of those questions were killer!

Then, TheOneRing.net gave their Lord of the Rings movie presentation with some new footage from the movies–it looked really great! Beyond that, I can’t say what it was (ah, the trouble with legalites once again)–but rest assured that I was not disappointed!

Brad Dourif and Jonathan – more than just a friendly face…
Lastly, Brad Dourif came by for another session. What a great guy! He was incredibly friendly, funny, and tried to answer all our questions to the best of his ability–without breaking his contract with New Line Cinema and Peter Jackson. He didn’t reveal anything new really from yesterday’s session, but did tell us a few new things. Well, for one thing, I really appreciated his honesty. He told us he considered Tolkien “almost great” while he considers Charles Dickens great for one primary reason: he loves Charles Dickens’ characterization abilities, and didn’t see that in Tolkien as much. “Don’t get me wrong,” he said, “I love Tolkien.” And lastly, he also mentioned he has some “pretty cool knives.” He was definitely excited about the movie and passed that excitement on to us.


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