Dragon*Con 2000 – Day 2

by Jul 1, 2000Events

Tolkien Webmasters
Day 2 has come and gone. It’s now 3:00 a.m.

Today started nicely. TheOneRing.net doing their presentation on the movies. They showed the ShoWest footage which was great. They also had a long presentation. We arrived about 5 minutes late and it was packed out the door. The guys were great in giving the guys from Coming Attractions, Michael Martinez of Xenite.org, and us a semi private showing.

Next was the webmasters thing, which went really well. We talked about what it’s like to run our websites, how we got started, and a bit on where we’re goin… We will record the next session when we do this again (listen to it in the Audio Update section).

The next stop on our day was a trip up to the electronic frontiers track to talk about online community and how you grow it.

Finally the afternoon hours were spent eating lunch and playing computer games. And finally, this evening we got a chance to sit in on an interview with Brad Dourif, who play’s Grima Wormtoungue. No tapes or pictures were allowed, but we all took notes.

In the evening we attended the lecture on elven languages. We will be posting this lecture at some point.

All in all we are very tired and want to get some sleep… there’s another full day of activity ahead tomorrow again–well, at this hour of the night, I guess that’s today. 🙂


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