Dragon*Con 2000 – Day 1 – Daily Journal

by Jun 30, 2000Events

Here’s just a sampling of some of the people who come to Dragon*Con in full regalia…
As we wandered around the Hyatt Regency on our first day of Dragon*Con we came near quite a few, uh, shall we say colorful folk–from guys in Ghostbuster get-up, to medieval men with broadswords strapped to their back, to Klingons with full-sized Battleths, to a sizable band of fully-outfitted Star Wars characters. Every corner we turned held a surprise, it seemed… It was great to spend the whole day in the Tolkien Track, talking with Michael Martinez, the guys over at TheOneRing.net, and other fans of Tolkien.

Markus mentally prepares himself for the upcoming Unreal Tournament, uh, tournament here at Dragon*Con.
Especially cool was the Q & A with Karl Urban who is Eomer in Peter Jackson’s upcoming Lord of the Rings movie. Be sure to check out the entire session in the Tolkien Track Audio Visual Update!


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