Birthday Festivities for Bilbo and Frodo – September 22, San Francisco Bay Area Picnic and Potluck

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Tolkien fans from TORc, TORn, Imladris, the Official Fan Club and various other fan groups are organizing a pot-luck picnic to celebrate Bilbo and Frodo Baggins’ Birthday. Please join us and bring family and friends.

DATE: September 22 (of course!)

TIME: 10:00am – 3:00pm

(After 3:30 hiking/hobbit walking-parties along coastal trails at the Marin Headlands)

WHERE: Marin Headlands Hostel

This is a fabulous place…a little like Rivendell, the Gray Havens, and the Misty Mountains combined. It’s often foggy and
bitterly cold there (but usually not at the end of
September), and eagles are frequent visitors in the Fall.

The Headlands Hostel has a fireplace, a piano, comfy couches, a huge kitchen, and an inside dining area with picnic tables; a downstairs recreation area with ping pong, billiards, foosball; and outside…ahhh, outside…barbecue pits, vast green playing fields, coastal trials leading to the sea and abandoned WWII battlements (reminiscent of Amon Sul), and a lagoon filled with rapters and egrets and pelicans. Plus,
it’s only a 10 minute drive north of San Francisco
over the Golden Gate Bridge.


Picnic guests MIGHT be able to rent very cheap rooms or a bed in the common rooms at the hostel (depending upon hostel occupancy,of course).

CLICK HERE to find out more about the facilities,and to check on reserving a bed overnight.


PARKING: It’s plentiful and free.


Each ADULT picnic guest is cordially requested to contribute $5.00 to help offset the cost of the day rental of the hostel. Please pay the fee at the picnic (no need to pay in advance).

FOOD: It’s a potluck 🙂

Guests are requested to bring food. A web site will soon be set up to help organize the planning of food. Further information be announced as soon as it is available.

RSVP: Your RSVP is needed for the event

PLEASE let the organizers know that you plan to
attend by replying to either of the following email addresses:



Send us your names, how many adults plan to come, and how many children will attend. It really helps in the planning! 😉 🙂


The last SF LOTR picnic included the very successful and scrumptious lembas bake-off competition. Now there is movement afoot to have a mushroom dish cook-off instead of, or in addition to, a lembas competition. A VERY nice LOTR prize will be awarded the winner of the Bake-off (or Cook-off?) competition. Stayed tuned for more information.

MUSIC: Yes, please.

Are you a LOTR musician from San Francisco? Might you be interested in playing the piano in the hostel, or bringing their violin, or guitar? The hostel is an ideal place for music.


Please let the organizers know if you want to volunteer. A list of volunteer tasks will be posted shortly.


Well, the lurking, skulking Nazgul (you know who you are) might turn up. But other than that, be prepared for the possibility of bitter, biting cold. Along with summer hiking gear, hats, and sunscreen, you may want to bring a winter coat, though the end of September is USUALLY begins our summer season.

Also, Marin Headlands blooms with poison oak so nasty it would make the Uruk-hai blanch (poison oak was undoubtedly an ingredient in the recipe Melkor used to change elves into orcs). Take care to stay on the paths and wear long pants to protect your legs, or you’ll look like an
orc, too. 😀 😀


Feel free to email Beasty Bunny or Yarrow at the email addresses above, or contact Lady Stefania.


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