Art Show at Into the West – Meet Tim Kirk, Colleen Doran and George Beahm!!

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Into the WestInto the West

Art Show at Into the West – Meet Tim Kirk, Colleen Doran and George Beahm!!


Into the West and Hall of Fire are pleased and proud to offer an exclusive preview of “Tall Towers, Brave Kings, Wise Wizards, and Precious Rings: A Celebration of Fantasy Art.” This show will feature the art of renowned Tolkien artist Tim Kirk and Tolkien and Fantasy artist Colleen Doran and author George Beahm, with his newly published book The Essential J.R.R.Tolkien Sourcebook!

Tim Kirk is the design director for Kirk Design and has vast experience in the areas of creative content, concepts and art direction. Tim served as a design director for Walt Disney Imagineering for 22 years, where he conceived ideas that were later realized as attractions and theme parks world wide. Tim was also the overall senior designer for Tokyo DisneySea in Japan, and designed and art directed many sets and concepts for the Disney-MGM Studios. Before becoming an Imagineer, Tim was a freelance illustrator for children’s books and science fiction books and magazines, winning five prestigious Hugo awards. To learn more about Tim’s work, go to:


Tim paintings from The Lord of the Rings 1975 Calendar for will be shown at the exhibit (they have not been on display for over two decades). They will include such framed pieces as “Treebeard”, “The Last Shore”, “Smaug”, “Gandalf and Bilbo” and “Galadriel”.


Colleen Doran won her first award for drawing at the age of five in a contest sponsored by the Walt Disney Company. A decade later, she became a professional illustrator. She now has hundreds of credits as a cartoonist on books such as Amazing Spiderman, Sandman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, and dozens of others.


Colleen’s most recent books include Orbiter with Warren Ellis and Reign of the Zodiac for D.C. Comics. She is currently working on several new projects: the next issue of A Distant Soil, the fourth graphic album of A Distant Soil, and a soon-to-be-announced project with Warren Ellis. For more information about Colleen’s work please see her website at:


George Beahm published his first book, The Vaughn Bode Index, in 1975; his second book, about fantasy artist Tim Kirk, was published in 1980–Kirk’s Works.


Since then he’s published numerous nonfiction books on popular culture figures, notably Michael Jordan, Anne Rice, Patricia Cornwell, and Stephen King (seven titles). His most recent books include The Essential JRR Tolkien Sourcebook and, to be published in May 2004, Muggles & Magic: JK Rowling and the Harry Potter Phenomenon. In addition to his books, he runs Flights of Imagination, a company that handles the work of noted fantasy artists, and designs/markets limited edition projects including books, Giclee’ prints, and other collectibles. For more information, see:


The Art Show will be held at the Hollywood Athletic Club and original artwork will be available for viewing on both Saturday and Sunday as part of the Hall of Fire evening and the Into the West Oscar party. Tim, Colleen and George will be there both nights to meet and greet fans and to autograph art prints and copies of The Essential J.R.R. Tolkien Sourcebook!


“Into the West – An Oscar Party for Tolkien Fans” is an international grassroots effort of Lord of the Rings fans from many different sites, including The Official Fan Club, Ringbearer.Org, LOTR  Fanatics, War of the Ring, Council of Elrond, Tolkien Online, The LOTR Fanclub Scrapbook, and Tolkien Forever. It will take place at the Hollywood Athletic Club on Sunday, February 29, 2004. The related “Hall of Fire” event will take place at the same venue on Saturday, February 28, 2004. For more information, updates and to purchase your tickets, please go to




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