Announcing Omentielva Minya – “Our First Meeting” for Tolkien Language Enthusiasts

by May 26, 2003Events

Bill Welden and Anders Stendtröm have just publically announced Omentielva Minya an international conference on Tolkien linguistics to be held 4-8 August 2005 in Stockholm Sweden. Bringing together leading scholars and fans for an unprecedented event, this coference hopes to inaugurate a new era in Tolkien linguistics.

Participants will present papers for comment and discussion and generally enjoy one anothers company. Over 20 notable members of the Tolkien linguistics community have already indicated their desire to attend and papers are currently being solicited from both those who plan to come and those who will be unable to in oder to ensure a varied and exciting scheduale.

There are now more Tolkien events being held than ever, but for those with a linguistic bent, this looks to be one not to miss.

For more information see the conference website at


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