An Evening in Bree – DragonCon 2002

by Apr 24, 2002Events

Going to DragonCon later this year? If you do, be sure to drop by this event!

DRAGONCON 2002, ( August 30-September 2, Friday – Monday.
There will be a VERY special party on Friday, August 30th called an Evening in Bree! Elbren is in charge of the Evening in Bree party and we PROMISE a grand time for all who dare to come by and visit the Prancing Pony!! Drop by for a costume contest, music, singing, and games in the best tradition of Barliman Butterbur’s Inn at Bree. Live music by Emerald Rose!! Singalongs and our own original Middle Earth dance!!!

DragonCon 2002 promises to be a fantastic experience for all and ESPECIALLY for Tolkien fans!!! Among our presenters will be Joe Piela, master metalsmith of Lonely Mountain Forge who will be displaying his excellent wares. Glasshammer will be popping in along with some other fantastic (as yet secret but EXCITING) guests! More details as I can confirm them!!!



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