Alan Lee NYC Event Report – Heren Istarion

by Dec 5, 2004Events

On Saturday, December 4th, in a little corner of the shire known as Books of Wonder, everyone sat around the projector, pulling up the tiniest square of carpet, like children waiting to be told a story. The storyteller was introduced at the clock struck noon: Alan Lee, the infinitely humble soft-spoken Tolkien-illustrator whose six-year role with the recent film adapatations of the Lord of the Rigs have made him a household name. This self-described “incessant doodler” proceeded to present a slideshow of a mere handful of the thousands of sketches and illustrations he was commissioned to do for the films.

As a treat for the audience he shared a few of his original watercolors from the 1992 Centenary edition of The Lord of the Rings, and was generous, not only in the time spent answering audience questions but in the the over 4 hours he subsequently spent signing autographs.

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