1 Trip, 2 Cancellations, 3 Airlines, 4 Lost Pieces of Luggage – We Finally Arrive for Dragon*Con 2000!

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LA’s lights shines below us like a huge carpet of jewels…
So, maybe it could’ve been worse… Let me give you a recap of our trip so far–if this is long and tedious for you, I think it’ll at least be cathartic for me! 😉

So, we started in Los Angeles International airport at the American Airlines baggage check-in at 7:00pm for the first leg of our trip to Las Vegas (the first of three legs to Atlanta–hey! with our incomes, we gotta fly cheap, y’know!). The flight was cancelled… So, undaunted, we quickly get booked on another flight two hours later. Alright, we’re thinking, we still got time to catch our flight outta Sin City at 11:10pm.

We barely caught our flight out of Las Vegas–we sprinted all the way to the gate to catch it… and perspirated a little too much.

We arrived late. Disembarking, we’re told that our next connecting flight on Continental is on the direct other side of the airport–a long walk and a tramride away. So we sprint the fearfully long distance and make our flight just before the gate closes, sweat beading on our faces, and getting more than our fair share of angry glances on the long flight to Ohio…

Next, we landed in Cleveland (who made up this travel route anyway!?), where we soon were told that our next connecting flight to Atlanta had also been cancelled! Luckily, we were immediately switched over to another flight on Delta only 10 minutes later and boarded without incident (whew!).

Jonathan, Cline, Ted, and Markus (L-R) eating at The Underground before getting our luggage back to our motel.
Finally, we arrived in Atlanta, ready to hit the streets and get prepped for the convention… without our luggage. So, still pretty stoked that we finally got here, we went around the town, checked into our motel without our luggage till about 4pm (we arrived at 9am), when they finally arrived in Atlanta.

So, we’re finally here. Dazed, tired, but ready to take on the convention! Tonight we had dinner with Dragon*Con’s director, Ed Kramer, catching up on some final preparations before we drop the clutch and push the engine into first gear…

Here’s the setup in our motel room so we can continue to update the site while we’re out here in Atlanta(Jonathan and Cline).
To stay up to date on all the cool Tolkien stuff happening at the convention, go here. We’ll be updating the site daily with RealAudio updates and lots of images.

Also, don’t forget to check out Dragoncon.com for more info on the happenings at the Convention!


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