The Center of Infinity – “The Reluctant Adventurer”… a book about the mysteries of beauty and terror.

by Nov 13, 2000Books

I have written a novel that I trust will be of interest to Tolkien fans. The genre of my book, however, is not that of “sword and sorcery” with elves and goblins and magic. It is a fantasy tale of an entirely different sort.

I am a Tolkien fan and have been for eleven or twelve years now… ever since I read The Lord of the Rings in my early adolescence, and so I realize that my novel could never emulate Tolkien’s masterpiece, for he was a genius and I could never dare to make any such claim about myself; all that I am is a pupil of great literature. So, the only similarity between my book and Dr. Tolkien’s works in the fact that I have tried to magnify what I believe are universal philosophies by displacing them from an ordinary world. I have tried to “exaggerate” philosophic concepts by placing them in an “exaggerated” epic with epic characters that personify these philosophies. And like Tolkien’s story, my story, too, is told from a Judeo-Christian perspective.

Now as far as my book’s website is concerned… in order to stimulate those who log on, the site contains dreamlike music to accentuate the graphics in the background. Among other things, are word translators for the languages in the book, as well as maps of the story’s imaginary world. Also on the website, are essays about a mathematical theory that was injected into this tale.

The purpose of this book and its website is to stretch more than just the imagination. My aim is to leave readers somewhat puzzled about the nature of reality… to accept the fact that our perspective of space, time, love, and life is barely clear enough and big enough to see these things as they truly are… and in doing so, understand them a little deeper.


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