“Lord of the Films” Review!

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Reading J.W. Braun’s The Lord of the Films feels like sitting down for a long talk with a funny, knowledgeable, and (pleasantly) obsessed uncle, a delightful storyteller who both fills your head with knowledge and lets loose cheesy groaners in the same breath. I, being an obsessive fan of the movie trilogy myself, was exceedingly impressed by this book, which managed to keep me more than just interested. I was glued to every single page of this book as interesting and unknown facts alike surprised me over and over again. 

I am sure that many big-time fans would feel, upon hearing of this companion, that it was entirely unnecessary for their collection. (I mean, who needs to hear the behind-the-scenes DVDs repeated again, after we’ve watched them at least one hundred times?) However, I would say that this book is a must for every Ringer. Braun’s research is extensive, his interviews with artists and extras are delightful, and his facts are far from repeats. In reading this book, I learned so many new things about the film trilogy I have loved for so long, and I am certain that other Ringers would, too.

But I cannot say much more without spoiling the journey. All I can really say is this: if you ever feel the need to experience middle earth and all the joys The Lord of the Rings  trilogy has given us, just one more time, pick up this book — you’re sure to be delighted.

J.W. Braun has a book signing at the Book Cellar in downtown Waterford, Wisconsin on Sunday, October 11 from 10AM to 1PM. If you’re in the area, be sure to check him out!

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