J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis to Fight Dragons in New Novel

by Sep 30, 2006Books

Here’s a new twist on J.R.R. Tolkien and his impact on 20th century literature: Cast him as a character in a fictional fantasy book.

Next week a new novel titled Here, There Be Dragons will be released next week, and it has most, shall we say, unique plot. Here’s the jacket synopsis:

An unusual murder brings together three strangers, John, Jack, and Charles, on a rainy night in London during the first World War. An eccentric little man called Bert tells them that they are now the caretakers of the Imaginarium Geographica — an atlas of all the lands that have ever existed in myth and legend, fable and fairy tale. These lands, Bert claims, can be traveled to in his ship the Indigo Dragon, one of only seven vessels that is able to cross the Frontier between worlds into the Archipelago of Dreams.

Pursued by strange and terrifying creatures, the companions flee London aboard the Dragonship. Traveling to the very realm of the imagination itself, they must learn to overcome their fears and trust in one another if they are to defeat the dark forces that threaten the destiny of two worlds. And in the process, they will share a great adventure filled with clues that lead readers to the surprise revelation of the legendary storytellers these men will one day become.

The three characters John, Jack, and Charles, are the John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, C.S. Lewis (who went by the name Jack), and Charles Williams–essentially the three cornerstones of the literary group they formed together, The Inklings.

This plot is quite a bold move by James A. Owen, the author. It takes a confident–and a slightly audacious–author to fantastically re-invent how Tolkien, Lewis, and Williams were inspired to create their worlds.

And, perhaps not too surprisingly, the movie rights have already been snagged by the Warner Brothers studio.

Hey, the book could be fun, or it might be a complete farcical failure. I’ll grab it as soon as I can and let you know…


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