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by May 21, 2001Books

Entertainment Weekly attended a top-secret twenty-minute screening of Lord of the Rings preview footage in New York.

Here is an excerpt of Gillian Flynn’s report.

At least one major question has been answered: This is, without doubt, A Film by Peter Jackson. The tone recalls both the otherworldly eeriness of Heavenly Creatures and the loopy action of The Frighteners, with enough slaughtering to satisfy admirers of Jackson’s early gorefests like Bad Taste.

What’s more, Jackson’s effects company, Weta Digital, has done some groundbreaking work. The film’s detail is dramatic, down to the drooping skin of the cave troll. And with conceptual artists Alan Lee and John Howe, famed for their illustrations of Tolkien’s work, on Jackson’s side, the look of the film should resonate with core fans. Call it the creation of a Shire thing.

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