Dinner with Tolkien (UPDATED) – A First-hand encounter with the Professor

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UPDATE: Merry emailed me with the news that he’s received some photos of J.R.R. Tolkien-signed copies of The Lord of the Rings! Check out his photos at The Palantir.

Merry from The Palantir sent me the news that he had the opportunity to interview one of the folks who read The Lord of the Rings at the Palmerston North Library in New Zealand (where John Rhys-Davies read)–and he was also an acquaintance of Tolkien’s while at Oxford in the 1950s. Here’s an excerpt:

I found myself sitting opposite Tolkien. I guess that was about the happiest period of his life and he was at the top of his form as a conversationalist; it proved an unforgettable experience. I’m not quite sure how we came to stay in touch. Certainly my medieval interests overlapped his, but of course we would not have “talked shop” over dinner! But he was preparing for publication a modern version of “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight,” a 14c poem in which I was also interested; and I remember the amused courtesy with which he declined to look at any of the other translations which I offered to show him: they would only hinder and distract!

As always, click below for the entire article!


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