An Aged and Broken Narsil… – The United Cutlery LOTR Sword Collection WILL Include the Shards of Narsil!!

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The rumours surrounding the United Cutlery Lord of the Rings swords have waged wild and wacky since the first glimpse of Sting was seen last autumn.  Collectors have been drooling over Glamdring, Sting, the WitchKing’s sword, and Narsil ever since.   The first set of swords has been praised by novice and expert alike, giving United Cutlery the success that it needed to move forward and expand the line.

The drooling is about to begin anew.  United Cutlery plans to make about 18 swords, (and perhaps at least one dagger; unfortunately, it’s NOT an Elvish dagger!)  As for right now, no plans have been announced for spears or bows, though one orc sword is on the drawing board at present.  Kit Rae, United Cutlery’s Art Director, in Issue #26 of Renaissance magazine, discusses the UT treasures out on the horizon for Tolkien collectors.

For those that don’t know, Kit is a longtime Tolkien fan.  Yes, he DID read the books first.  He originally read The Hobbit when he was seven and has read the trilogy numerous times since then.   His enthusiam is evident when he says of Sting, “I wish there was a way we could make the sword glow, but we couldn’t come up with anything.”.

Well, we forgive you, Kit.  We forgive you because of what you’re going to bring to us with your other Lord of the Rings creations.   However, I would have said that the blade does indeed glow blue when orcs are present; I mean, what are the chances of a Sting owner getting invaded by orcs in their living room? 

What IS Kit going to bring to the LOTR merchandise universe? 

  • The full line will consist of nine full sized replica swords, miniatures of each, and possible sheaths for each full size replica.  So far we have Glamdring, Narsil, Sting, and the Witchking’s sword.  That leaves five more to be released.

  • Orc sword–no details given on this or even a release date, and I can’t imagine wanting one for myself, but I guess that there are those who collect the weaponry of the Enemy.

  • “Possibly” a Ringwraith dagger–Morgul knife?  No details on this either.

  • Strider’s Sword–I don’t think that this is Anduril as this will be released in November with Arwen’s sword.  Anduril does not make a movie appearance until ROTK.  Hmmm.

  • Arwen/Elrond’s sword–November release for this curvy, Katana style sword. 

  • Ringwraith sword–The success of the Witchking’s sword has persuaded UT to release a Ringwraith sword.    It will be “similar” to the Witchking’s sword.  duh.

  • SHARDS OF NARSIL–Sweet!  Limited run of 2,000 to 2,500 ONLY!  Each piece will be broken  and then aged.   September 2002 release!  Does it come with a display?  Yes!  What is the display?  They haven’t said….yet!

Most swords, as most of us know, retail between $230 and $350; although, I have seen them for less then $200 at some online stores.  Definitely shop around!  Prices DO differ!

Warning:  I haven’t seen any Glamdring, Narsil, or Witchking “faux” blades, but I HAVE seen several  STING “faux” blades.  I personally have seen a $30-$45 (horrid) replica of Sting at some Renaissance faires.  It’s cheaply made; cheap appearance; and, well, it’s cheap.  From a distance, you might be proud of it; but when you pick it up….save your money and get a UT or Noble Collection Sting.

Noble Collection or United Cutlery Sting?   What’s the difference, (besides the price?)  I went to Museum Replicas in Conyers, Georgia and asked.  What’s the difference between the $120 Sting and the $295 Noble Collection Sting?  The Noble Collection Sting is made in Toledo, Spain, while the less expensive one is made in Taiwan.  Same metals.  Same size.  Same design.    Oh, and if you want a sheath for your Sting, you’ll need to dig another $55 out for the Noble  Collection.

So, the collectors begin to draw out their credit cards and save their hard-earned money once again.    Middle Earth armories are being created across the world; what will they offer us next? 


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