Earlier this year, the centenary edition of J.R.R. Tolkien’s festive Christmas book, Letters from Father Christmas, was released!

For 24 years, Tolkien wrote one or more letters from Father Christmas to his children.  Once you get over the sinking feeling that you didn’t do enough for your kids this Christmas–for instance, maybe you didn’t write a letter to them from Santa –browsing through the beautiful letters and wonderful paintings in this book is a great way to dive into some holiday spirit!

This centenary edition is oversized, and includes an introduction from his daughter-in-law Baillie Tolkien, reflecting on the centenary anniversary of the letters, as well as a personal note by Tolkien himself reproduced for the first time.

I particularly love the brief stories about the mischief that the North Polar Bear gets into… there’s a warmth and sweetness in these letters that captures a bit of the spirit that the Christmas season is supposed to bring.

Right now, you can even get the Kindle Version for $1.99! Here are the current versions for sale on Amazon.


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