Lamb & Flag Pub
Lamb & Flag Pub

Oxford’s Lamb & Flag pub will be shuttering its doors on January 31, 2021, more than 450 years after it first opened.  It’s been at its current location since 1613.

The pub, run by Oxford University’s St. John’s College, has suffered because of the strict lockdowns imposed on businesses in the UK. Deputy bursar Steve Elston said the following:

Despite the best efforts of the staff and looking at every option to keep it open, the trading figures of the last 12 months have meant that the pub is not currently financially viable.

Also the college, as a charity, is not allowed to financially support a loss-making business that is not part of its core charitable objectives.

Tolkien and Lewis were said to have frequented The Lamb & Flag–though the more common choice for their meetings was the nearby Eagle and Child (aka The Bird and the Baby).


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