We’re wrapping up Tolkien’s seminal essay this week looking at Consolation–and with that–Tolkien’s well-known term, Eucatastrophe. With so much depth, this essay isn’t easy to consume, and we really hope reading it with us helped you come to understand why Tolkien wrote it and why he believes Fairy Stories are so important!

This week we look at:

  • Why Consolation/Eucatastrophe is required
  • What is Lord of the Ring’s chief eucatastrophe?
  • Is eucatastrophe deus ex machina?
  • Why Eucatastrophe is glimpse of Truth (with a capital T!)
  • How George RR Martin drags us into darkness

Then in our members-only episode (https://theonering.com/members) we discuss:

  • Should we try to avoid other artists visual interpretations of Tolkien since they affect our own subcreation?
  • What did Peter Jackson do in his films to help in understanding Tolkien?
  • Have we lost eucatastrophe as a glimpse of Truth in today’s stories?
  • Do you have to experience True eucatastrophe (the resurrection of Christ) to effectively write eucatastrophe?
  • Is there a modern story that resembles Tolkien’s notion of eucatastrophe?

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And here’s my final attempt at defining On Fairy Stories in 1 sentence: A Fairy Story is a peculiarly unique artistic experience, as the author speaks directly into the imagination of the reader to sub-create a magical new world that provides visceral glimpses of eternal Truth through Eucatastrophe.

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