Battle at Minas Tirith from EA's Battle for Middle Earth GameBattle at Minas Tirith from EA’s Battle for Middle Earth GameThe license to make games based on Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films reverted back to Warner Bros. from Electronic Arts on December 31, 2008.

While EA produced quite a few games based on the films, none were considered all that successful, falling prey to the usual movie game predator–mediocrity.  Despite the strength of the license, EA never truly separated it’s games from other fantasy-themed games on the market.  Ironically, perhaps the most successfull LOTR game, Lord of the Rings Online, is not affected by this event as Turbine’s license is for games based on the books.

In any case, we can definitely expect games based on the upcoming Hobbit films out of Warners game studio… for good or ill.

For more info, read the Gamespot article.


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