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We don’t know if Tolkien intended on ever finishing this story of Aldarion and Erendis. Written later in life, it is perhaps his most emotionally gut wrenching tale…. and it deserves to be finished!

Jonathan lays begins to lay out the entire story of Aldarion, starting at his birth and helping to round out the world of Numenor at this time, while also bringing in greater roles for some characters and places Tolkien mentions but never really fleshes out.

AND it’s ALL done by staying true to the lore Tolkien set out without changing ANYTHING he told us (unlike some recent TV show on Amazon that treated Tolkien’s works like a dog treats homework).

And we think it’s a great story that DESERVES bigger recognition!

Then, in our extended episode (become a member to get it at
* Was Erendis really co-dependent with Ancalime, or was she just responding to how Aldarion treated her?
* How did Middle-earth have food like tomatoes and tobacco if there was no new world yet discovered?

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