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  • OOC – The Desert Flower’s Promise: A Sister’s Oath

     DiyaAlDin updated 1 week, 2 days ago 2 Members · 3 Posts
  • DiyaAlDin

    Citizen of Imladris : 65 posts

    This RP was born in the Wayfarer Respite Inn… An unexpected child, if you will, one born out of the long standing friendships of the writers who congregated there, a child that deserves its own life. And also to allow the Inn to be what it is meant to be: a lite RP and a place to learn the art and craft of collaborative writing.

    The story starts during the fall, West of the Misty Mountains, 15 years after the end of the War.

    • What’s happened before…

    Born in Rhûn and a former slave in Harad, Diya al Din travelled from Umbar to Rhûn, accompanied by a man called Anoriel who served Gondor in Harad. In Rhûn, Diya finds she is no longer welcome among her tribe. So when her dying father asks Diya to find her younger sister, C’ian, who was kidnapped by slavers some time before, she promises to try and bring her back.

    Thanks to Anoriel’s help and extensive network of informants in Rhûn, they find out the slavers abandoned C’ian on the border of Dorwinion. Due to return to Minas Tirith, Anoriel leaves Diya with one of his best soldiers, a woman born in Dorwinion, by the name of Mikla.

    After months of unsuccessful research, Diya and Mikla part ways, and Diya travels into the West in the hope of finding her sister.

    She arrives at the Wayfarer Respite Inn on the day of its grand reopening after three days of riding without stop. She intends to rest for the night and leave again the next day. Things however unfold differently.

    Finding herself in the midst of Riders, villagers, ancient Elves, Lamedon Hillmen (tbc) and two travel-worn Edain with shadowy pasts, Diya finds unexpected allies to aid her in her search and falls into an adventure far more dangerous than she expected. An adventure that will resurrect ghosts from her past and threaten all who are brave enough to pursue the demons that haunt her present.

    • Cast

    By order of appearance

    Jorvan’s family (Edain) – written by elengil

    Jorvan, Madge, Jaylen, Jorda, Janna, Jadden, Jasma

    DiyaAlDin (Edain) – written by eärendil under Diya screen name

    Bardhwyn of Dale and Thar of Esgaroth (Edain) – written by Bardhwyn

    Jaeniver (Eldar) – written by Jaeniver

    Elenir (Eldar) and Murien (Avari) – written by elengil, now under their own Elenir_Murien screen name

    The Rohirrim –

    Rhowain and Haldreth – written by Jaeniver

    Fraomar and a bunch of others – written by Bardhwyn

    The Hillmen – we’re awaiting them anxiously 🙂

    • The rules of the game

    We follow the rules for RP as defined here

    Middle Earth in our RP

    We are trying to remain as faithful as possible to Tolkien’s “Middle Earth.” However, we all understand that the Professor didn’t always elaborate on some things in the core Trilogy, like the East and Easterlings or the Haradrim and Corsairs, or the Avari. So a certain amount of creative license is to be expected.

    For reference, in this particular thread and as written by Diya’s writer, the Rhûnic religion is heavily influenced by Hindi mythology while Harad beliefs are tied to Egyptian myths. Also the language used so far when speaking Eastron is Punjabi and Persian/Arabic for Haradric. No need to go to such lengths though, italics will do 😉 .

    Our Story

    A good story has a beginning, middle and an end. So does this story, but unlike a story in novel form, an RP story is more like a game of Dungeons and Dragons, where characters are grouped together and led through an adventure by a Dungeon Master.

    We have the equivalent of two Dungeon Masters, or RP Masters, let’s say (Diya’s and Bardhwyn’s writers), who have an adventure planned and the characters you see and read about here are living their lives while being swept up and led, ultimately, through this adventure.

    Joining this RP

    This is a ‘closed’ RP, meaning *writers are not encouraged to post in the story thread uninvited*. If you are interested in joining, please express your interest here in this OOC thread. We’re happy to learn more about your character ideas and how you think they will fit in our story. We will also request a sample of your writing and perhaps invite you to do some collaborative writing with us off the board. We work hard to maintain a high standard of prose and are always happy to work with like minded authors. We reserve the right to refuse a character’s inclusion if we feel it counters our plans for the story or doesn’t fit the context.

    By participating in our story, writers agree to follow the direction of our two RP Masters, who will coach, provide guidance and sometimes make boundaries for characters so as to best support the story and the unfolding of the plot.

    Nov 25, 2021 at 4:12 am
  • Bardhwyn

    Shield Bearer : 149 posts

    So excited!


    Nov 26, 2021 at 1:50 am
  • DiyaAlDin

    Citizen of Imladris : 65 posts

    A quick look into Diya’s life: a timeline

    Diya was born in the deserts of Southern Rhûn to a nomadic tribe in the Third Age.

    Her tribe don’t keep to Gondor’s calendar so she doesn’t know her exact birth day but she is probably between 25 and 26 years old when the story starts

    • 6 years old she and her mother are captured… sold as slaves.
    • 7 years old when they enter Din ibn Jibril’s household in Gobel Ancalimon
    • 9/10 years old while the war is raging North.

    A few months later – after the fall of the Dark Tower – when the war is ended and they’re supposed to be safer, she witnesses the Pirates of Umbar lay waste to the entire city and burn it to the ground. Din ibn Jibril brings his entire household to Ramlond where he is originally from and where he has a seat on the City Council. From these events she learns to distrust the Pirates who would destroy even their countrymen’s houses.
    Din ensures his slaves are educated so he can sell them for more, so Diya gets to learn to read and her numbers, along with History, language (Haradric) and music.

    • 11/12 years old : her mother gets sick after a whipping. Din tells her he will have her mother healed only if she takes her place in his clients’ bed. He attends the ‘ceremony’ and watches as she experiences a painful first time. Still her mother dies. Realizing her ‘Master’ never fulfilled his promise she swears revenge on him.

    She starts learning secrets; information in order to gain some form of power. She develops her observing skills, looks at people like riddles and once she solves them she has a power that she didn’t have before.
    She also learns some skills in healing with the healer of the house.

    • 15 years old : she catches Ahmad ibn Karim’s interest. She knows it and uses her beauty but also her wit to have him buy her.

    Ahmad doesn’t actually take her to his bed before she is 16 but ensures she is taught everything there is to know about the art of the bedchambers, he employs teachers to educate her in diplomacy and politics and he uses her to gain power. He’s recognized in her a potential for more and being a former Captain in the Harad army, he realizes strength and power come in different shapes. In the young slave, he sees the cleverness needed among spies and the beauty that will untie tongues in a bed if she knows how to focus and uses her natural skills.
    He was wounded at the battle on the Pelennor Fields, and his fortune is relatively new in the sense that he has pillaged and plundered to increase it. To rise, he needs her wits so develops her latent skills for his own purpose. And he also despises her former Master who did all he could to avoid fighting in the war. A spineless coward. Ahmad also believes the man betrayed associates and even handed sensitive information both to the Dark Lord and Gondor in order to increase his fortune.

    • 17 years old : She hands Ahmad information that allows him to destroy Din ibn Jibril’s reputation and take his place on the City Council. Din ibn Jibril’s tongue is cut – for his lies and treason – and he is blinded – for his lack of vision. Thus Ahmad achieves his status and Diya her revenge. Under the pretext that he was the man who raised her here, she visits him but lets him know in no uncertain terms that she was the one who brought his end.
    • 20 years old : Ahmad says he will free her. He even has the papers drafted but he won’t sign them for now. She still has 3 years before her payment yields some profitable return for him.
    • 22 years old : The Prince in Near Harad is attempting to unite the rest of the tribes and cities not yet under his rule, which he has consolidated since the destruction of the Dark Tower. But Ramlond wishes to keep its independence. They want to fight the Prince; despite Diya’s advice that he shouldn’t say anything at the Council, Ahmad speaks against such a course, a strong united Near Harad would help in case Gondor came upon them again, as they were doomed to do. And Far Harad’s Sultan has designs to increase his power, which in turn might mean an invasion of their home.

    His voice is being ignored and the Council votes to fight, with Ahmad at the head of its army, despite being well past his best fighting years. A few cities stand with them but Ahmad expects to lose. He signs the papers to free Diya with the slave master as a witness, in case he dies. Which he does.

    Salim, Ahmad’s son arrives in the household to claim his father’s estate. She hears Salim order the Head of slaves to burn whatever document might free her and any other member of his father’s household. She knows Ahmad’s son, so she steals the papers from Ahmad’s room, knowing the safe combination. She leaves… trades information with one of the city merchants who’s indebted to her. Some secrets are best not revealed right away.

    Still despite the help, she doesn’t go very far. During the crossing of the Arnen to Harondor, the ship she is on is captured by a group of Corsairs. After they kill Captain and crew they find her and believe her when she claims she was the Captain’s personal slave – lucky bastard. The Corsair’s leader takes her for himself – at least for the voyage. But in spite of her attempts to convince him to bring her to Harondor, he sells her to a brothel, this time in Umbar. She wears heavy cosmetics to hide the tattoos she carries on her wrist and neck in order to stay hidden. Still to be safe, she doesn’t allow certain acts to her “clients” and won’t let them attend her bath or the act of dressing. However, her knowledge and skills excuse these and her reputation among the seedy crowd of Umbar grows.
    Being in constant contact with Corsairs – even though Umbar is now under Gondor’s rule – she comes to despise them even more. Ruthless, vulgar and crude… but they pay good money for a few hours with her, and the faster she pays the debt, the faster she can leave this godforsaken place.

    Some months later a man born of Harad and Gondor, Anoriel, becomes aware of her situation. Having heard of her, he pays her debt in full, arranges for her ‘death’ and brings her back to her family in Rhûn by way of Gondor. Turns out to be a mistake.
    She is shunned by her tribe, shamed for what she has become. Yet her dying father pleads with her to find her younger sister. She was taken less than a year before. Maybe not yet soiled. She doesn’t have the heart to tell her father that she would have been; and then some for she was too sweet a child for her own good. She promises to find C’ian.

    She and Anoriel find out that the slavers supposed to bring her sister to the North of Rhûn were castrated for spoiling the ‘merchandise’. Two slaves were raped, one had her tongue cut to prevent her from speaking. Both were abandoned at the border of Rhûn and Dorwinion to find their way on their own. Yes, one had green eyes.
    Back in the West, Anoriel returns to Minas Tirith where he serves the crown but entrusts her safety to a soldier of his ‘unit’: Mikla. After a while however it becomes clear that the woman has other designs and Diya rides away alone.

    She moves farther to the West… who knows where her sister might be?

    Recent timeline (events as the story starts are happening in Autumn, 15 years after the end of the war, ie Fourth Age 13)

    Late Winter 11/12 to early Summer 12 : travels from Umbar to Rhûn

    Summer 12 to Winter 12/13 : in Rhûn with her tribe then searching for her sister

    Spring 13 : part ways with Anoriel and takes up with his soldier Mikla

    Summer 13 : separates from her companion

    Fall 13 : gets to the wayfarer respite inn

    Nov 30, 2021 at 2:45 am
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