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    Petitioner to the Council : 7 posts

    Galadriel held each one with her eye
    inquiring what could make him shirk the quest
    as goddesses probed Paris with their bribes
    to say that of the three, he loved her best.
    Proud Boromir was keen to try his hand
    at playing hero to all MiddleEarth,
    astride a continent at his command,
    but over-confident in his own worth.
    Wee folk displayed what bigger players lack;
    humility to bear, and lose, the One.
    With Gollum’s aid, they pitched it in the Crack
    of Doom, because that’s what had to be done.

    Stout hobbits made an end of the One Ring
    while Sauron’s gaze was elsewhere on a king.

    Aug 26, 2021 at 8:20 pm
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